“The court refused to suspend a lawsuit Siemens to “Technopromexport”

– Having heard parties ‘ positions concerning the application of the suspension of the proceedings, which was seen on Tuesday, the court scheduled the main hearing for 11 December. Siemens representative opposed the suspension of the proceedings. According to him, there are no grounds stipulated by the legislation. He also noted that the decision on the lawsuit will affect the verdict in the second case, the motion for stay which was filed with the court on October 23.

The plaintiff demands to declare the contract null and void, and to reclaim property from unlawful possession. Representatives of “Technopromexport” supported the request to suspend this process. They noted that if a counter-claim by the second process is satisfied, a claim that was considered on Tuesday, it will be impossible.

“Tekhnopromexport” during the last meeting requested a suspension of the case. His representative reported that obeys a similar case where a joint venture is a co-plaintiff. Requirements and circumstances are identical. The plaintiff on 20 October asked for a recess to prepare and provide a written position on this issue. On Tuesday, October 24, the court heard the position of the plaintiff.

Siemens blames “the market” that he illegally moved to the Crimea four turbine set for power plant construction in Taman. Under the sanctions restrictions, the German company prohibits the use of their turbines for the production of electricity in the Crimea. Items on this was included in the Treaty of March 10, 2015, which was signed between OOO “Siemens gas turbine technology” and JSC “VO “Tekhnopromexport”.

The turbine was intended for the construction of the power plant in Taman. They were subsequently sold to OOO “VO “Tekhnopromexport”, which used them in the Crimea despite the ban, spelled out in the contract.

“Siemens technology gas turbines,” joint venture of JSC “Power machines” (35%) and Siemens (65%), which is engaged in the manufacture of high power gas turbines in St. Petersburg.

In response to the movement of the turbines, the EU imposed against three Russian companies and three individuals for further sanctions.

Now in Arbitration court of Moscow considered the claim of Siemens and the “Siemens gas turbine technology” as a co-plaintiff to the two “Tehnopromeksport”. The German company demands to annul the contracts for the supply of turbines for OJSC “VO “Tekhnopromexport” and their subsequent transfer from JSC to LLC “VO “Technopromexport”. As a result of these two treaties turbines were manufactured for the construction of the station Taman, but moved to the Crimea. Siemens intends to get their equipment back.

Two tekhnopromeksport filed a counterclaim, which demanded to annul the clauses of the contract relating to the place of use of turbines.

Stations in the Crimea will be launched in may-June of 2018.

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