The details of the execution of the apartment Rogozin: suspected teen and three twins

The notorious shelling of the window of the apartment Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin was made from the window of the house opposite and most likely was nothing but a trick the boys next door. In pranks suspected adolescents from adjacent housing.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As we found out “MK”, October 14 in one of the houses of the elite residential complex “Blizhnyaya dacha” in the street Starovolynskaya, cleaner while washing the Windows of the apartment, owned by Dmitry Rogozin, found that on the second floor of the broken window. Was damaged only one of the two Windows, and inside between the frames lay a metal ball. The woman reported the find to the owners of the home, and the owners called the police. Arrived on the scene police found that a shot of Pneumatics was made from the window of the house opposite, presumably from the third or second floor. However, the exact time is difficult to determine, as the Windows were washed last time about a week ago. The police found the apartment, which could have made the shot. It turned out that one of them lived three teenage twin aunt and the other a teenager with her mother.

According to informed sources, in both apartments live a prosperous and wealthy family in which the children do well at school and on the account in police consisted. In the first, where the aunt brings three twins-teenagers, father and mother died. During the life of their parents were very wealthy people, and now the family lives on the money that remained from the sale of the business. On the second we only know that a teenager about 17 years old, however, as the twins. The district was requested to poll the residents of both apartments, three brothers on October 13 went on vacation to Egypt. The mother of the second teenager refused to explain and would not let the guard on the threshold.

Law enforcement authorities on this fact opened a criminal case under article UK “Hooliganism”. According to some, to explain the agenda was caused by a woman who refused to communicate with the district.

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