The head of Regardie: shot colleagues in Chechnya, an officer tried to fire

Senior Lieutenant Marat Hajiyev, was shot four co-workers in the military unit in Chechnya, was not a terrorist or extremist motives, said the Director of Regardie Viktor Zolotov. According to him, by the time 25-year-old man was already “on edge” due to domestic problems.

photo: a frame from the video

“He asked [to solve] issues with housing, which was not submitted on time, he had problem with his wife – with him she lived there,” said gold about the Sky during the “government hour” in the Federation Council. When he returned from vacation, it turned out that the battalion commander tried to fire him – “they have not developed their relationship”, and his wife was removed from the part, podsolic to Hajiyev colleague.

“I think it caused an emotional outburst, he was so irritated,” – TASS quotes the explanation of the Director of Regardie.

The Hajiyev was shot during a serious fire, which spent nearly 250 rounds.

Two shot Hajiyev colleagues were, like him, Dagestanis. As we learned earlier, he killed the company commander, duty officer and two orderlies. Moreover, there was information that Hajiyev has threatened to dismiss for neglect of official duties, although he had previously helped his a/h to win the court.

Gold admitted that was a flaw of the district commander and the battalion commander. The military Prosecutor’s office and Regardie understand the circumstances of the incident.

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