“The opposition governors took the oath to the constituent Assembly of Venezuela

Earlier, Nicolas Maduro has threatened to arrest heads of regions, who refused the oath


Four of the five governors of the Venezuelan States, representing the opposition, was sworn of the National constituent Assembly of the country, reported the Associated Press.

The results of the gubernatorial election on 15 November in 18 of the 23 States of the country were won by the representatives of the ruling United socialist party of Venezuela, five members of the opposition.

According to the Associated Press, the oath, the elected opposition governors of the States of Tachira, Anzoategui, Nueva Esparta and mérida. Refused to swear allegiance to the Assembly, which the opposition denounced as illegal, the Governor of the state of Zulia Juan Pablo Guanipa.

It is not clear what will happen with the leadership of Zulia, and by the Governor-elect as the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro has threatened the governors, who will not take the oath and will continue destabilizing actions, arrest and imprisonment.

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