“The Parliament of Belgium has developed measures to fight against radicalization

– Commission of the Belgian Parliament on investigation of circumstances related to the terrorist attacks 22 Mar 2016 Brussels international airport and in the Moscow metro, approved on Monday the last section of his report. This was reported by the TV channel RTBF.

Document 205 pages devoted to the struggle against radicalism.

One of the main proposals of the deputies to the government to end the Convention on Great mosque of Brussels between Belgium and Saudi Arabia. According to this Convention have entrusted to Riyadh in 1969, the management of the mosque, the priest to it was prepared and was delegated to Saudi Arabia. Although the Commission has no evidence of direct incitement to violence, and she notes that I have preached in the Great mosque of Islam is Salafi and Wahhabi orientation, create an environment for radicalization.

It is proposed to give the mosque a new organization with the participation of the Executive Council of Muslims in Belgium.

Parliamentarians made recommendations on the fight against radicalization on the Internet. It is, in particular, on the formation of the platform that make it easier to identify activities for radicalization.

It is also proposed to create a special post of liaison officer in the National security Council. Its task should include the observation that Belgian anti-terror laws are carefully adhered to the major players of the Internet such as Facebook and Google.

In addition, the authors advocate the improvement of cooperation at various levels of government to more effectively combat radicalization in prisons. According to them, 5% of prisoners in Belgium radicalized. Members of the Commission believe that we need to be actively engaged in social integration of these individuals. For this put forward the idea of “transitional institutions” in which they will be monitored, but they will also be help with integration.

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