“The Prosecutor General of Ukraine found foreign funding of the protests at the Parliament

– Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that the demonstrators outside the Verkhovna Rada are preparing a power coup in the country and funded from abroad.

“The right to peaceful protest does not mean preparing for a violent coup that started a small group of people of about 150-200 people who, proclaiming themselves the only righteous require the state to do what they want. With the support of Finance from abroad – and I can prove it – they are funded from abroad”, – Lutsenko said in Kyiv at a meeting of the regional development Council.

He noted that in preparation for revolution occurs, the purchase of automatic rifles, training weapons caches. The attorney General stressed that participation in training does not accept ordinary citizens.

In мире21 Oct 2017Саакашвили presented a plan for salvation of Ukraine to the participants of the rally in Cavecity read more

“Participation in this power revolution take on tour without any nationality, stateless person Mikhail Saakashvili, who, as head of the regional state administration, forced his subordinates to issue a permanent residence permit 20 citizens of Georgia as a valuable cultural figures. Now these figures sow good, wise, eternal throughout Ukraine”, – Lutsenko told.

The attorney General added that these people with rifles guarding Saakashvili, are preparing a revolution and moving in cars, which belong to the charitable Fund that paid customers of the Odessa customs.

October 17 at the walls of Parliament were declared perpetual campaign of opposition. The protesters demanded the adoption of laws on abolition of parliamentary immunity, and the reform of electoral legislation. Protesters camped outside Parliament.

22 Oct Saakashvili convened a “popular Assembly” on Constitution square outside the Verkhovna Rada. “Veche” was completed in the same day, but Saakashvili said that the action by the Parliament will continue at least until the next plenary week (according to the calendar of Parliament – 7 November).

The tent town in the center Киева5 photos

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