“The Russian stock market fell on Wednesday after the world

– The Russian stock market opened Wednesday smooth growth by the end of the day was spent in a moderate minus after the ensuing down world capital markets, the Russian ruble also began to decline amid negative correction in oil prices.

The MICEX index has decreased on 25 October on 0,6%, to 2049,48 of the item, the fall of the RTS index amounted to nearly 0.8%, it dropped to 1118,13 points. By the end of trading, the Russian stock market went into decline under the pressure of negative situation on the world capital markets. In particular, the British market has significantly dropped on Wednesday after the publication of data on UK GDP for the last quarter (FTSE 100 lost per day, about 1%).

According to the national statistical office of great Britain, the country’s GDP in the third quarter of 2017 increased by 0.4% compared with the previous quarter and by 1.5% in annual terms. Experts interviewed by Bloomberg, predicted increase in GDP respectively at 0.3% and 1.5%. Stronger-than-expected pace of economic recovery in the monthly figures has raised expectations of an early increase in base rates by the Bank of England, which led to the strengthening of the pound sterling and weakened stock market, since a significant part of companies of the FTSE 100 are export-oriented.

U.S. stock indexes lose in early trading Wednesday 0,5-0,8%. Investors preparing for the possibility that in the nearest future the administration of U.S. President Donald trump will announce who will be the candidate of the White house for the post of Chairman of the Federal reserve system (FRS). It is expected that an announcement will be made to the Asian tour D. trump, starting on 3 November. Against this background the yields of U.S. government bonds on Wednesday rose to its highest level since March.

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