Theater battle became for the actors of magic pendel

Acclaimed improvisational battles made it to theaters. First signed up for Theatre in the South-West, zerodiv within its walls the genre itself and the world that the struggle of the teams from the “Pyotr Fomenko Workshop” Theatre of the Roman Viktyuk. To verbal fights, Mat or aggression is not reached, then the condition could not be. But it was the culture and talent that was born before our eyes.

Photo: photo courtesy of the press service of the theater.

History of stage versus was born after recently thundered battle between Occimiano and Glory to the CPSU, and in March of last year on the stage of the Central “Manege” in the “Night of theaters”. Summer project was recognised as the best in the competition “Open stage-2017”, giving him a grant of the Moscow Department of culture for further development. With such support, the organizer Maxim Gracanin launched the capital’s theatres. In addition to these were praised by the Company.

— Many wanted to participate, but because of the overlap of rehearsals and lack of time are unable, says Gracanin. We — the actors — forget the practice of the first courses, when we were liberated, requiring you to create sketches. At such moments, you reveals something new, you yourself wonder. The actors are all generally lazy, and as recognized to me by the participants, these battles have become something of a kick in the ass that gets the tone.

Before the fight the foyer of the Theatre in the South-West is the voltage — intelligent and sound. There are approximately 120 spectators noisily come up with a clever job for the actors. Write down on paper the answers to the questions — who, where, what happened, you need to deal with the participants of the battle.

Them — five people from the theatre, the fans, located on both sides of the stage, forming a symbolic fan zones, meet the sonorous roar of voices and applause. One of the participants what theater is, it is easy to distinguish — shirts, which depict Roman Viktyuk and Igor voynarovsky (actor, “Fomenko Workshop”, who could not be with his team this day, but became its mascot). The audience also got ready, made posters with the names of theatres are waving up to the announcement of the winners.

The jury in the face of the Professor of GITIS, Mikhail Iskandarova, actor and Director Boris Galkin and teacher improv Anastasia Imamova, leading, you may begin. Warm up team warm-up “substantive” round, presenting what could become subjects chosen for them by the audience. Playing the role of visionaries, they spotted the roulette table and the crutch, her compact washer, saxophone and periscope, a stick and a tube of a scuba diver. The laughter in the audience is wild, and then forget about the rest of the embarrassment, and the next rounds fly at ease.

Silent round only one participant and audience know the hidden word, and the rest of the team 15 seconds to guess it and pass it the value of sign language. The third round of expert — “the Hands know, but you don’t remember”. Experts become two-person teams, one of which “turns” in the head, another in his hands and gestures answers the questions of the opponents. In the fourth round, the participants are completely random words that they should put in a precarious situation, not changing circumstances. One of the scenes — “Wrong diagnosis, which the pulmonologist gave the patient.”

— I have experienced an unusual experience, because it is not planned a talk show, and spontaneous incorporation of the actors admits after the contest the actor “Fomenko Workshop” Yury Titov. — You try to work all of the acting device, and more interesting to watch because you can still miserably fail, that does not matter and all. The feeling swings from a possible disgrace to the inner victory. Dear feeling. Although we knew the rules of the game, as several times we had rehearsal, but I didn’t know the tasks themselves. They are appointed by the audience. This is the rare case when actors were less prepared than the public.

Fifth round — alphabetical. Participants come up with highly practical suggestions, the beginning of which starts strictly alphabetically. With spectator support team our way through the letter “e”, imaginatively depicting the tree than brought to fits of laughter not only public, but also judges.

In the final stage, the teams are revealed in full as compose and perform songs in the genres of romance, reggae and chanson. Topic ask the audience, which once again proves the transparency and fairness of the competition.

All tasks are assigned seconds so that the young actors show mobile speed of decision-making. Pads they are professionally turn out like it was intended. Not surprisingly, in the end many viewers leave with the words: “All spontaneous and not minted and jagged; the flight of thought and imagination was in our eyes”. Winners announced the team of “Fomenko Workshop”, although the members of the jury say that the decision was difficult, as the team “went neck and neck”.

— Improvisation — one of the most complex theatrical matters — sums up Roman Viktyuk. — I am in my life seen so much improvisation, and the art there was not in place. And here it’s all right.

The next theatre of battle will take place on 30 October, where the actors of the Theater in the southwest will compete with ermolovoj. The winners will meet in the final, with representatives of the “Fomenko Workshop”. And with the lowest number of points will face the team of theatre of Viktyuk in the fight for third place. The plan is to hold a contest between Moscow and St. Petersburg schools, and there to threaten the international status, to meet with foreign teams.

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