Unravel the secret of a perfect male orgasm

Sex with a woman friend, not a regular sexual partner men, brings representatives of the stronger sex is the least fun. To such conclusion experts from the canadian Queen’s University, based on the results of their recent research.

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Scientists invited to participate in the study 26 men with traditional sexual orientation in age from 18 to 40 years. Each of the participants were asked to listen to a series of audio recordings describing a particular scenario of sexual contact. The specialists watched how obvious were the symptoms of sexual arousal, and asked the participants to tell about their own feelings.

The main difference between listening scenarios was that in any relationship the man was with his partner — in some cases it was a stranger in others a friend, in the third — the woman with whom the man was in a long romantic relationship.

Own men, it seemed that in all three cases, they have experienced approximately the same excitation, however, the observations showed that in reality their body is somewhat less actively respond to the entry describing the “friendly” sex, while sex with a strange woman stirred the imaginations of players around the same degree as sexual intercourse with a longtime constant partner. According to experts, this also means that if a permanent relationship or, conversely, random links, men experience more powerful orgasms than if they first have sex with a “normal” friend.

The study was published in the academic journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Experts say that in the past they had received similar results in the study, which took part in women. According to the researchers, this means that the pleasure from sexual contact depends not only on the appearance and abilities of the partners, but the relationship status between them, and quite an unexpected way.

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