A Russian helicopter with 8 people on Board crashed near Spitsbergen

A Russian helicopter with 8 people on Board crashed into the sea a few kilometers from Barentsburg (Spitsbergen archipelago, belonging to Norway).

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According to the Norwegian media, suffered a catastrophe of the Mi-8 helicopter.

About the crash on Thursday said rescue service in Northern Norway in his Twitter. According to this information, helicopters, likely headed from the village of Pyramid in Barentsburg. Around 15.35 local time the helicopter crashed. In the Norwegian media reported that the emergency communications with the helicopter were reported.

To the crash site were sent a rescue helicopter and several boats. The day temperature of 26 October on Svalbard, was, according to one of zero degrees, on the other, -2…-4 ° C snow showers. And this circumstance is no doubt that caught in the icy water people can survive. The situation worsens and poor visibility in the area of the accident.

The current emergency is not the first air crash in the archipelago. August 29, 1996 and for landing on Svalbard crashed airliner Tu-154, carrying out flight on a route Moscow—Longyearbyen. Onboard there were 130 passengers and 11 crew members: they all died. This crash became the biggest not only at Spitsbergen but in all of Norwegian history.

The Mi-8 helicopters on Svalbard, according to open information sources, based at the heliport in Barentsburg, Haeruddin, and provide transportation services company “Arktikugol” and the Consulate General of Russia for flights to the village of Pyramid in Longyearbyen (the administrative center of the archipelago).

In March 2008, the Mi-8 helicopter crashed while trying to land at the airport. Three out of 9 of the passengers died, several people were seriously injured.

From the file “MK”: Spitsbergen (Svalbard) is a vast polar archipelago located in the Arctic ocean, between 76°26′ and 80°50′ North latitude and 10° and 32° East longitude. Although the archipelago since 1925 is part of the Kingdom of Norway, Russia, according to the Svalbard Treaty from 1920, maintains its economic presence in Svalbard (coal mining). In the mining town of Barentsburg is located Consulate General of the Russian Federation and is home to about 435 residents, almost exclusively Russian and Ukrainian.

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