Alexei Nemov told about the great loss in life

Morning all-Russian day of gymnastics October 28, Alexei Nemov will begin meeting with young gymnasts. Will be hype — free master class from the Olympic champion and his famous colleagues are waiting. And in the evening “Legends of the sport. Ascension”. And Alex will once again play on the big stage. This evening he will devote the mother. Hope Akimovna did not 7 September.

photo: Vladimir Chistyakov

— I come to Church now, after my mother left… I think that in another world, where it will be better, I want to believe it. Say: thank you for being able to experience the kind of maternal love. Thanks to my mom I know what it can be.

I was in Moscow when her mother died. But a few days flew to visit her. “Son, let me go. I am getting sick here.” Even then she warned, wanted to be prepared. Mom had a lot of problems in recent years. I told her: “Mom, you’re my hero.” Differently and called. Seven years was virtually confined to bed… Three times was in a coma, leg amputated, but she still struggled. And I knew it was for me. Like all my life.

You recalled that was always afraid to let her down. Mom admitted that he was proud of you?

— I was embarrassed when she spoke in my presence with someone about me. “Mom, OK, let me go, without me.” Of course, I knew she was pleased. But just forbidden to speak, what I have done. It was enough that she said I love you so much! Of course, mom was proud. She was great from so many years of my life existed and exists gymnastics. I am grateful that she experienced that feeling. That not in vain was all through what we went through: living in small families or three families in a three room apartment, fighting with neighbours in the communal kitchen. Mom did everything to raise me. And led me to the sport, even knowing what happens in the end. But led away from the tragedies of the street. I really was always afraid that somehow let you down mom. Was afraid that I, for example, kicked out of gymnastics. And then what? I tell her: “Mommy, I’m sorry, but I was told that I was no longer welcome?” Imagine this could not.

— You ever said sport is a road?

— I didn’t have to explain, life itself has shown. My mother was a very strong character. I saw how she had to defend their rights, — she was alone, no one to intercede Remember, after a stormy showdown with roommates, even when I tried to intervene, trying to protect my mom, we were in my room and we cried together. I don’t remember she tried to explain to me. Probably took care of, maybe hoping that will be forgotten. But that feeling of helplessness when you can’t change the situation, I hated for life. Then came the understanding — we must fight. For myself, a dream — it can be called whatever you like.

photo: From personal archive

— When did you know that mother’s “no” is serious?

— For the first time, perhaps, when a neighbor tried to go away from gymnastics and switched to football. My friend was persuaded to go to the football section. I told him to ask my mom. Received a categorical response: “There and come here will not work, started to do gymnastics, we will continue”. That’s what it was? Could, perhaps, be allowed to try, and suddenly I’m in the football star immediately become? But her life was the principle — not to give up. If you’re making something, then do it, not sprayed, from beginning to end.

— Mom surprised you?

— Like all women, she was a human mood. When I traveled between charges, we have had two perfect days, and then three or four days we already have characters to be compared. Mom’s stayed home and I left, everyone had their own idea about life. Despite the fact that almost every day we talked on the phone, no matter where I was. And you could tell her everything, but problems with sores. This topic I haven’t touched because I realized that she is very worried about my health.

Mother was always very sociable person. Around her there were always people. She loved the guests to collect. But of course I wish she wasn’t alone. Always sympathetic to the choice, though, in my opinion, is not formed. And here I was not let down.

— When they leave loved ones, we cannot forgive the slightest neglect…

— Does this feeling of guilt? Of course, I’m trying to analyze: what did, what did not say? But the burden of this, which would be crushed, I have. Or MUK — what you need to do something else. And if something happened… We felt each other very well. Mom, I never dreamed almost two months. I could have done something. Probably could do more.

I’m probably most acutely understand that what I’m doing today what I’ll do in the future is the return of debts. The mother in the first place. She gave life, and the sport brought too it. When in four years we went to the gym, she said I was still small. Like, have to wipe the snot, the toilet led. And she could then not to come back, but mom didn’t take me to another sport. And in my six years, again led into the hall.

How to evaluate it: a hunch, a feeling that exactly here I need it? My whole life happened because of my mom. In gymnastics as well. Then first the coaches, longtime coach of Nikolko Eugene G., wife Galina… Son Alexei was born, when I was at the Games in Sydney. All my gymnastics roots, like many gymnasts grow out of the family. And when we do something on the platform — no matter whether operating with athletes or working on your sport further — trying to bring back the loved ones we spent on. Soul, emotions, time. And thank your sport.

Is there something that I would like my mom to say? I still talk to her. “Mom, I want all you got there was good. To quietly”. And I realise how fortunate I have been. Forever is.

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