Alexey Kortnev: “Musicians used to go to the side”

One of the most positive, cheerful and at the same time romantic bands on the modern scene in the next year will turn 35 — more than some of her fans. “Accident” always listened to people of all ages who have a sense of humour, appreciation of fine melody and elegant staging, when the musical numbers sometimes like dramatic scenes. In the midst of preparations for the anniversary of “MK” talked to Alexei about everything relevant that is happening in the team.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

— Alex, you know that you have just toured with “Negligent concerts”. They have quite a long, rich history. What had started it?

— It all started with the fact that we for a long time — 15 years ago — tired of playing regular concerts, and we began to think about how to bring the atmosphere of a concert, which I’d like to share in the great hall. We understand, which is not even enough for chamber performances: the audience and the musicians do not sit together. When you play at home, sitting at the table, and someone at the same time, drinks it, goes to smoke, someone cut the sausage, someone is grilling the zucchini next. You may be singing his most lyrical song, but in front of you at this point, transfer the dish with the cake. This is the life. We took it and completely not afraid, moved into big halls. On stage stands a table, on it all kinds of pickles, cordials, cognac, tea, coffee. We invite people to him from the audience. It is clear that you can’t call everyone: go out with 2-4 people who spend time with us for one song, sitting at the table, something to eat, drink, sometimes sing along or play along. We communicate with them as possible during the performance. Then they go to their seats, as a rule, perfectly happy. Well, “careless” these concerts are called, because we play in bathrobes and pajamas.

— Next year Accident anniversary. Any thoughts on this?

— On this occasion the opposite is history, and we have prepared a program more solemn and pompous. However, it is still fun: we came up with this funny conference, comments. One of our greatest achievements, I believe, we revived as a soloist with Valdis Pelsh. He is good at singing and dancing, we restored all of our old dance and acting studies. I am very glad that he enthusiastically accepted our offer and is located in the beautiful scenic form.

— Is there a feeling that so many years have passed since the creation of the team, or the time flew by on one breath?

— Of course, the feeling that it took a lot of time there. I clearly understand, when we try to fit in one concert all the songs I want to sing, and there is not enough place even for one fourth part. This, of course, the result is already 34 years of work: there are many songs that are like we, the audience, sometimes we want to show not just popular, but also unexpected.

Let’s go back to the beginning. In the years when many musicians, on the contrary, fell into the excessive earnestness, and pathos, the protests, there was such an ironic and much more easy thing as your band?

— It’s probably just a reflection of my character and the characters of my friends. We really are like-minded, and our songs, concerts Express our common point of view and style of communication. It seems to me that this ease is carried over from life.

— Not so long ago listened to your speech on the big concert performance in memory of Michael Tariverdiev, which put the Director and the composer Radmir Shaikhutdinov. How did you respond to the idea of taking part in it?

In the first rows and with enthusiasm, because I love the Mikael Tariverdiev, and for me a cycle of songs written for “twist of fate”, probably, was one of the peaks of the song to the whole world. There are a few things that, in my opinion, are absolutely world-hits. In my understanding, of course: it’s quite complicated music, and it’s not the songs that would roll on any popular radio. I like just kind of music with complex melodies, sophisticated harmonies, with verses taken from Yevtushenko, Akhmadulina. It’s all very easy.

— Have you worked closely with the “Quartet”. It was a very harmonious tandem. Are there any new ideas in this direction?

— Each of our teams are actively engaged in their projects, not touching each other, and from time to time we do something together. Two years ago we did the play “Letters and songs of middle-aged men,” which was received with enthusiasm. Today it is our joint work. Guys this summer made the film “what men talk About 3”. We did not take part in it, as well as guys — in our pre-anniversary concert of “What we meant”. But all this tells of what lies ahead, most likely, some new interesting project that we do together.

— Tell us what is happening in the school Alexei kortneva?

— Still true to call it a School of Three Arts, the art Director which I am. She lives and thrives. We learn now 85 children. We had finished the second season. From just behind the ears and not pull. Many children spend the maximum amount time as they allow parents. I am very happy to work with kids who sing and dance, read poetry, act out plays.

— You have always been a very versatile man: in addition to their main music activity was translating the texts of musicals, voiced cartoons — that only was not. As a parallel passion for creative areas contributes to the development of the core?

— Of course, they saturate and music history. All this somehow nourishes, inspires the creation of new songs, new programs. Perhaps it would have been impossible if my friends and I now would not go to the side in a creative sense. It really enriches and makes each time to return to their home group with some new experience and share it. We have all the guys in the “Accident” have third-party classes. Our saxophonist working as a copywriter at a huge advertising Agency, keyboardist continuously writes music for film and theater, bass player bakes bread for the Moscow bakeries. And so on. There is a very different Hobbies, and even parallel development of the profession. In many ways it holds us together, because we never get bored with each other.

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