Anti-Semitic scandal fans in Italy not the last

Italian football is again reeling, and blame the fans of Lazio. They left the Stadio Olimpico message to their bitter rivals in the form of an image of Anne Frank in a t-shirt as Roma fans which they call “Jews.” However, if you examine this anti-Semitic scandal deeper, the fault lies with the leadership of Lazio and the Italian football Federation.

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What happened?

The match of the last Matchday of the Italian championship with Cagliari tribune active support “Lazio” was closed due to racist behavior of fans at the previous game. But in football some of them came and got on the opposite platform — South, which is reserved for the fans of “Roma” (clubs share the same stadium). Such a case they could not miss, and , at first, painted anti-Semitic slogans all around, and secondly, pasted on the podium stickers with the image of Anne Frank with the t-shirt “Roma”, thereby emphasizing that the club is popular in the Jewish quarter. We are confident that readers of “MK” not like the head coach in Sinisa Mihajlovic, who asked “who is Anne Frank?”, and I know that this Jewish girl hid with his family from the Nazis, was arrested and transported to a concentration camp, where he died at the age of 15 from typhus. The diary of Anne Frank was found, published and became one of the most famous documents denouncing Nazism.

When the stewards on Monday cleaned the bleachers, I found these stickers. The photos hit the press, the scandal began to grow, and the Italian Prosecutor’s office brought the case. In the end, 13 people involved in putting up stickers were found (the youngest only 13 years old), and now they may be banned from entering the stadiums for 8 years, and some of them are — 3 years for inciting hatred on the grounds of racism and nationalism. About sanctions against the club will now think of the Italian football Federation.

As the club tried to resolve the scandal?

to pay respect to the memory of Holocaust victims and laid flowers in blue and white colours of the club and promised for educational purposes every year to carry 200 fans to Auschwitz. “I’m surprised that this happened, after the club asked fans not to do anything like that. Black sheep there are in any society, but we can’t put on the steward for every fan,” said Lotito.

For the match against Bologna, the players, “Lazio”, was released in t-shirts with a picture of Anne Frank and the inscription “No to anti-Semitism,” and the children vivodeship them on the field, gave the publication of the “Diary of Anne Frank” with their autographs. While Lazio is counting on not very strict sanctions, arguing that “the club should not suffer for the act 15 of idiots.” Although the club had allowed season ticket holders in the North tribune to buy tickets for the South for only 1 Euro.

What was the reaction in Italy?

Of course, condemned. The Newspapers came out with pictures of Anne Frank in the form of all the clubs of Serie A and the caption “We are all Anne Frank.” The Italian football Federation said that in the next round before each match of the championship of the speakers at the stadium will be reading excerpts from “Diary” (which was done).

And even the current President of the European Parliament, the Italian Antonio Tajani, at the opening plenary session, I could not resist and stigmatized fans of Lazio. And the Prime Minister of Italy Paolo Gentiloni called the incident “unacceptable” and “unimaginable”.

Why the measures will not change anything?

Because their far-right views of the fans, “Lazio” acquired yesterday. Favorite club Benito Mussolini reciprocated Duce. And then, when the Italian fascism a thing of the past active groups, one more aggressive than the other, succeeded each other at the head of the fan movement “Lazio”, do not hesitate to Express their views and to show Nazi symbols and tattoos in the stands.

Because the idol of many fans, “Lazio” remained former player Paolo Di Canio, who said publicly that “separates the politics of fascism, but not nationalism.” In 2005, Di Canio twice, noting a goal, showed the podium contenders (Roma and Livorno) the Nazi gesture, that one time he just was fined 10 thousand euros, and the second time, in addition to a large fine, suspended for one match. Although the same gesture of a football player of AEK Giorgos of Kotidis disqualified for life in Greece, and in the club — until the end of the season (2012/2013). And the same Di Canio was dismissed from the TV channel Sky Italia due to hit the frame of the tattoo of DUX, which in Latin means “Duce”.

Because the club President Claudio Lotito after synagogue managed to get caught in a scandal. First, in the Internet appeared the recording of the telephone conversation in which he calls the incident “the play”, and then in a TV interview calls the synagogue a mosque, confusing the two religions. By the way, after that the flowers assigned to them in the synagogue, was lying on the Bank of the Tiber.

Because Italian fans, not only Lazio, don’t consider the incident a disaster. Some of the fans, “Lazio” boycott the match against Bologna, before issuing a statement: “We refuse to go, not to participate in this circus. How we support the team misinterpreted by those who want to hurt us and Lazio. And those fans who still came to the match, did not go to the podium until the speaker read excerpts from “the Diary of Anne Frank”, and when I went in, threw up his hands in a Roman salute. Especially cynically it looked because they sat on the sector, is named after Arpad Weiss, former coach of Bologna, who died in 1944 in Auschwitz.

Italian reporters noted that to disrupt the reading of “the Diary of Anne Frank” was trying not only at Bologna. Fans of “Juventus”, for example, began to sing in reading. And even fans of “Roma” began to sing a hymn of their team.

Fans of other clubs, including Juventus, issued a statement that there is nothing scandalous in the image of Anne Frank was not. “The media too often make fun of opponents, and sometimes our humor is black, but it is only in the context of football rivalries, and no more,” they wrote.

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