Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin: “I live In Moscow Russia’s enemies!”

Around the introduction in all schools of the country a new mandatory course on the morality of family life continue to boil. On October 25, the supporters of this idea, told reporters that although it was generally met with understanding in the Ministry of education, but don’t find it necessary broad public debate. But at the same time proposed to reinforce positive family values in the theory of shocking images of “dirty” practices.

Vsevolod Chaplin called for “ruthless and shocking to show the students what to do
it is not necessary”. Photo: warsh.livejournal

To date, the teaching of moral foundations of family life already in progress in schools and 60 Russian regions, said the head of the Association of parental committees and communities Olga Letkova. But so far only in the form of an optional component of the school curriculum: as an elective or school component. Meanwhile taught this course must be universally and on a mandatory basis, she said. And it should go to the Federal state educational standard. And “understanding from the Ministry of education that such a course is needed, it is,” she assured me.

However, the understanding with the officials was not complete:

— The Ministry of education now say that in the beginning it is necessary to discuss this initiative with the wider community — outraged supporter of morality and family values. — But why, exactly, we need someone to talk to? And education reform is discussed? And the introduction in school of the second foreign language and is compulsory exam for this subject? It is an initiative from below, and not of the Church, and ordinary parents. We have the most the General public!

With a degree of latitude “initsiativniki from below”, as it turned out, also has issues. For example, in Moscow, where today is home to nearly 10% of the population of the entire country, the parents did not want to Supplement the curriculum their children this new subject. And in St. Petersburg, where in some schools it is still taught, widely popular “Basics” do not use.

Partly, perhaps, this can be explained by the fact that the textbook, which is mostly studied now family values, written by… a nun. However, in the former, worldly life, she had become a candidate pednauk. But you have to agree her knowledge of the subject at best is purely theoretical. But it greatly reduces the level of credibility.

However, the priest, PhD in theology Vsevolod Chaplin explained the position of Muscovites and Petersburgers differently:

It’s because in Moscow and in St. Petersburg are Russia’s enemies! Sorry, unexpectedly for journalists and very unpatriotic he added then.

The same circle of enemies of Russia, according to shepherd, prevented the introduction of the course “Moral foundations of family life” at the Federal level: “Some forces are afraid that the area in schools, which they occupied with their courses of sex education, dragging in the environment of adolescents as the norm, homosexuality and an extramarital affair in 1990-e years, will be busy with other people. Comprehensive support they provide to international organizations whose task is to reduce the population of the earth. But there is no need! We need to have appeared at schools course, bright and creative promoting the values of chastity and virginity and condemns depravity, perversion and divorces.”

As a creative father Vsevolod immediately suggested this:

— The course must be ruthlessly and shockingly to show the students what not to do. To show through the picture! For example, the toilet vomit after partying in a club with drugs and alcohol. Or abortion is murder of a living person. Such pictures should be shown in school is mandatory! Even through the shock and tears, but the man of 14-15 years should understand that all this is not love, and the dirt and muck!

Anyway: “do we Need a school in which there is no rate family values,” — wondered the head of sector of demography, population and migration of the center of humanitarian studies RISS Igor Beloborodov. And he replied, summing up the discussion: “No!”

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