“Associated with the projects owners of the Bank’s assets amounted to more than 700% of its capital

This assessment is given in the letter on behalf of the first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank

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Moscow. 26 Oct. INTERFAX – the Bank is only formally comply with the standard maximum size of risk on business owners (H25), the real value of assets associated with the projects of its shareholders amounted to 736 billion rubles, or 700% of the capital of the Bank. This assessment is given in the letter on behalf of the first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Dmitry tulina, which was sent to the state Duma in October, reported “Interfax” familiar with the text of the document source.

In September, the owners of the Bank (at the time Mikhail Gutseriev and Mikail Shishkhanov controlled 98,76% of the shares of a credit organization) has addressed in Bank with the request to sanitize the pot. The regulator on 21 September announced the implementation of measures to improve the group of the Bank through the Fund’s consolidation of the banking sector. According to preliminary estimates of the Central Bank, on the reorganization of the group of the Bank may need 350-370 billion.

As told the interlocutor of the Agency, the letter of the Central Bank recalls that the business model of the Bank was characterized by elevated risks associated with aggressive lending to companies affiliated with its owners, who have a high debt load. Formally, the ratio of H25 Bank did not go beyond the maximum level of 20% of the capital, but in fact the assets related to the business project owners, reached 736 billion, or more than 700% of the capital of the Bank, the letter said. The capital of the Bank in September fell by half to 43.9 billion rubles from 94.3 billion.

He publicly called smaller amount. In an interview to the newspaper “Vedomosti” after the announcement of the reorganization of the Bank, answering the question about the real volume of lending to related parties, he said: “in reality, that I gave to their relatives, accounts for about 15-20 billion rubles. Here we are in the ratios for sure. And the fact that the Bank took over the debts and where he became the owner, – about 250 billion rubles.”

The Bank actively attracted funds of the population, placing them in assets with a high level of risk, primarily associated with the construction and sale of real estate.

Central Bank in a letter said that in June 2016 the results of the inspection, the Bank identified neoprobirovannye reserves in the amount of 32.4 billion rubles. Additional formation of provisions in this volume has led to the emergence of grounds for implementation of measures on prevention of bankruptcy of the Bank. Taking into account the Bank’s importance and intentions of its owners to increase the financial stability of the credit institution, the Bank of Russia together with the owners prepared a plan to improve the quality of distressed assets. The letter notes that the submitted plans have repeatedly returned for revision.

Moreover, in the period of the plan, the Central Bank set the control dynamics of liabilities of banks of the group (other than the Bank group was still part of rehabilitated Shishkhanov Growth the Bank) to the population. Banks of the group adopted a restriction on attraction of contributions of physical persons (from 1 January 2017 12 September 2017 deposits in these banks declined to 565,9 billion with 584,4 billion).

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