Called the reasons why women do not receive pleasure from sex

British sexologist Nichi Hodgson explained why a lot of people — most often women — it is not always possible to really enjoy sexual intercourse even with a caring partner. As stated by the specialist, often the root cause of such problems is the unfair attitude of the society towards sex as a phenomenon.


In particular, Hodgson notes that the public often condemns Masturbation, why women avoid it. In fact, according to psychology today, self-gratification is an important way of exploring his own sexuality — to learn what actions allow you to feel pleasure, people are more likely to be able to “teach” their partner to pleasure yourself. In this regard, the sexologist calls it a good idea to attempt to satisfy itself, directly in front of the mirror. Moreover, according to him, successful Masturbation allows a person to make sure that “physically” he is quite able to enjoy sex, and this confidence can also help during sexual intercourse.

Many people on a subconscious level “close” to sex if they are in one form or another, were abused at an early age — in this case, the specialist urges to consider a visit to the therapist. However, the causes can be others — for example, many are unable due to the fact that he was brought up in an overly religious or “traditional” environment. Those who are faced with such education, are often unable to relax in bed, even if no longer perceive sex, or any certain of its forms as something to be ashamed of. Stop to get pleasure from sex also can such psychological problems as depression or anxiety disorders.

Finally, the specialist encourages sexual partners not to hesitate to discuss their sexual preferences — sexual intimacy is often perceived as something mysterious, and the pursuit of it — as something that is not always entirely controlled, but sometimes a simple discussion to benefit, says Hodgson.

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