Changed the look of the passport of the fan: there will now be a temple

Fans of the passport of the new sample will begin to football fans ahead of the 2018 world Cup. The design of the updated cards Fan-ID was developed by the Ministry of communication.


As explained by the Deputy Director of Department of strategic projects implementation, communications Andriy romankiv, to visit competitions of the world Cup next year fans will have to get a new card. To acquire it will be possible after buying tickets for the matches. So, go to the stadiums for the passports, which the fans received before the Confederations Cup, will not succeed. The format of the new Fan-ID will remain the same as the first version. It will be a laminated form with personal data of a fan and his color photography. However, the card design will change. Instead of a picture with the green turf football field will appear in the background of the painted collage. The left side shows the blue stadium. Just above is the sun rising over a green hill. In the upper left corner painted red wave with an ornament in the form of rhombs. In the upper right corner of the same wave, but blue. Below is the birch grove and St. Basil’s Cathedral on the green meadow. Will also move and the slogan “Say no to racism”. Now the inscription in Russian and English languages at the top of the card. In the new design it will be located in its lower part. As noted in the Ministry of communications, order the passport of football fans on a special website. To get the document officials have provided two ways: personal visit to the center of delivery or sending by mail.

The 2018 world Cup. Chronicle of events

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