Chief editor of “Novaya Gazeta” has promised to arm their journalists

Chief editor of “Novaya Gazeta” Dmitry Muratov said on air of “echo of Moscow”, which intends to equip its journalists to protect from attacks.

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“I will arm the editor”, — he said, explaining that the attacks on the magazine’s staff and failure of the state to investigate them.

So, Muratov reminded that in Beslan was attacked journalists Yelena Kostyuchenko and Diana Khachaturyan, as have been killed Anna Politkovskaya, Natalia Estemirova and Yuri Shchekochikhin, spoke about the many received by the editors threats: “…we got a huge rat that was killed in such a dagger with a swastika with the words “So shall it be with every employee “the New newspaper” from cleaners to the chief editor”. Well, now, what should I do? Now, tell me, what should I do?”

“I have no more options left, — stated the chief editor. — I will have a number of employees to send to school. Officially sign a contract with the Ministry of interior of the Russian Federation. We will write and to buy traumatic weapons, to pass on his exams”.

The conditions under which the state refuses to protect journalists and for this we have to apply other methods to ensure their professional activities, Muratov called “outsourcing”, that is, the transfer of its functions to other structures.

We will remind that the journalist of “Novaya Gazeta” Yulia Latynina was forced to go abroad after the attack on her house with poison gas. In addition, on Monday there was an attempt on the life of Deputy chief editor of “echo of Moscow” Tatiana Felgengauer: the consequence considers the version that the perpetrators Boris grits is a mentally ill person and that it someone sent.

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