“De Mistura intends to convene on 28 November a new round of Syrian peace talks

– The UN special envoy on Syria Staffan de Mistura has announced on Thursday about the intention to convene on 28 November a new round of Syrian peace talks in Geneva.

“I would like to report through the UN security Council that he intends to convene the eighth round of inter-Syrian talks in Geneva from 28 November,” he said at a speech before the UN Security Council.

De Mistura has declared its intention to continue to consult with all stakeholders on this issue.

In his opinion, the new round of negotiations should be conducted “as the official plenary meetings and technical discussions”.

According to the UN special envoy, it is important that all contacts on Syria to be held outside Geneva, was helpful to the Geneva process and to resolve the conflict. In particular, this applies to the talks on Syria in Astana, the next stage which, as reported, is planned for October 31.

De Mistura stressed that this meeting “may be vital in regard to de-escalate the conflict”.

The special envoy noted that at the present time in some parts of Syria “a tendency to escalate, not de-escalation”.

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