Deputy head of the depot had solicited a bribe from a driver assistant

The bribe price of 30 thousand rubles demanded from his subordinate the Deputy chief of the locomotive depot. Assistant to the machinist of the shunting locomotive had the temerity to appear on a workplace in an alcohol intoxication. However, the guards managed red-handed to apprehend a negligent leader.

photo: Sergei Ivanov

As it became known “MK” in September to the operatives asked for help 37-year-old railroad Andrei Vasilyev (all names changed). The man told police that he had when passing the pre-trip medical examination found alcohol in the blood.

According to the man, he the evening before the job was visiting and used a little too much. The nurse immediately reported his misconduct to the Deputy chief of locomotive depot Moscow-Sorting Ryazan 32-year-old Victor Egorov. He called his office and within a couple of hours lectured, threatened with dismissal, in principle, by law he was required to do. However, at the end of the conversation, the man handed him the piece of paper on which was written “30 thousand rubles.”

Andrew agreed with the suggestion, but the required amount he was not found. The man went to the police. The investigators decided to detain bribe-takers red-handed and took him to rapid development.

The suspect installed a covert surveillance, work and cell phones tapped. However, Victor Yegorov, too, was no fool. He constantly delayed the transfer of money and changed the meeting place. Only a month marked with special paint bill was in the pocket of the blackmailer. All the action took place in the office, which already at that time was equipped with a hidden camera. In the hands of Egorov snapped the handcuffs, and then undertook to work transportation inspectors.

— On the given fact criminal case under article “obtaining official of a bribe for illegal actions”. To the suspect threatens till 8 years of imprisonment, — has told “MK” senior assistant head of the Moscow interregional SU on transport SK the Russian Federation Elena Markovskaya.

By the way, Victor Egorov’t managed to work in his office and two months. The order for his appointment was issued only in mid-September of this year. Now he needs to think about what will make his non-working wife with two young children, if he loses his main source of income.

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