“Fighting on the side of the IG French citizens manage to obtain benefits at home

Brussels. 26 Oct. INTERFAX – about 20% of French citizens who left to fight on the side of the terrorist group ISIS (banned in Russia), continued to receive social benefits from the state.

International French radio reported on Thursday, citing the newspaper Le Figaro that the relatives of jihadists who have left their documents, prepared for them of unemployment benefits and family allowances, and then to send the money, mainly through Turkey in the war zone.

According to investigations by the financial brigade of the French Criminal police, responsible for detecting the financing of ISIS, 2016, from France was sent no less than 420 such transfers. Investigators have found a total of 210 recipients of this money, citizens of Turkey, and Libya, and 190 sender – French citizens.

Over the past five years – from mid-2012 to mid-2017 – thus France was sent at least half a million euros.

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