“FNS has proposed the appointment of arbitration managers by rating

Ekaterinburg. 26 Oct. INTERFAX – FNS considers it necessary to withdraw the appointment of the liquidator in bankruptcy proceedings upon the proposal of the first creditor in favor of the results of the ranking, said the head of the Directorate of procedures of bankruptcy FNS Konstantin Chekmarev on the Ural forum of arbitration managers in Ekaterinburg.

The existing system of appointment of liquidator prevents the achievement of the purposes of bankruptcy, I’m sure K. Chekmyshev. “If we say that the arbitration Manager appointed by the lender, we understand that the Trustee is the attorney for the creditor,” – said the representative of the FTS. According to him, in such circumstances, the liquidator can not be the independent quasi-government entity that protects the interests of all participants of the bankruptcy procedure, what it should be.

The correct approach is the ranking of the arbitration managers and assign them on the basis of such a rating, said K. Chekmyshev.
Reform of appointments is discussed. In September 2016, a source in the financial-economic bloc of the government, told “Interfax” that the relevant agencies have discussed amendments to the law, under which the selection of insolvency administrators should be held at random from the General list.

In Russia, according to industry self-regulatory organizations, there are about 6.8 thousand of arbitration managers. 2295 of them in 2016 exercised powers in bankruptcy proceedings, from the data “Medresurs” (the Uniform Federal register of data on bankruptcy, bankrot.fedresurs.ru). At least they were put under law the disclosure of information.

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