Football: Spartak for the first time in 7 years, reached the quarter-finals of the Cup of Russia

If we reject humiliating for tournament indicator 3411 viewers that have been recorded on can accommodate more than 45000 fans “Kazan-Arena”, the stage of 1/8 finals of the Cup of Russia turned out to be quite interesting and eventful. In Moscow was recorded volitional defeat that Spartak perpetrated by their namesakes from Nalchik.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Special attention at this stage of the Cup was chained to Moscow “Spartak”, which after being eliminated in the previous round of the tournament, Zenit, CSKA and “Locomotive” looks the obvious favourite in struggle for an honourable trophy. Added pepper and the fact that the match against nalchikskogo “Spartak” became the 50th at the helm of the team for Massimo Carrera. The Italian specialist for the 2nd season managed to bring the red-whites to victory in the championship and the Supercup of Russia, so the attitude of Muscovites to meet with nalichnymi in the Cup in which Muscovites apparently favors the tournament table, serious concerns had been raised.

The hosts eventually won with a big score, though, and allowed the opponent to open the scoring after a corner. Firing from the first minute experimental composition, the hero of the day Carrera has given a chance to prove himself to those players that can’t break the Foundation. There was a place on the field and, bocchetti, and Kutepov, and Pasalic, with Petkovic. The place in goal was taken by 19-year-old Alexander Maksimenko, and in a group attack appeared Davydov, which Spartak fans have already begun to forget after a bright debut that happened in dakarrelease era. In the end, Denis and became the most visible player on the field, but also the efforts of other strong qualities, able to force the coaching staff to ponder his return to basis and not demonstrated.

Scored Pasalic, and even Kutepov. Davydov, double-assisted partners and one hit the crossbar. But do not forget that these “feats” occurred on the background of the opponent, competing in 3-m on the status of the Russian football division. “Spartak” owned tangible territorial advantage in possession in matches, for example, with Anzhi or SKA, but for the 2nd half, the hosts have not honored any successful stroke. And at least 3 goals from 5 become outright gifts of Kabardino-Balkar.

Goal by Pasalic happened after that bordered on the negligent mistake by the Central defender nalcan apparently elementary fearing the terrible name of the opponent. Melgarejo one of his goals sent into the net after filing Davydova with a corner, breaking the head even severing the feet from a lawn. And the 4th ball is red and white and all came from the feet of Islam Ilova, fright cut a soccer ball into the net own goal instead of away.

After the final whistle was heard from the fans from Moscow that the guys off the bench just don’t believe in the possibility to break the Foundation. Yes, with the return of all injured players (first and foremost talking about Samedova, Zobnina and see Louise) the chances of them really will not be much. But this fact calendar year, in which “Spartak” has yet to play a decisive ligachampion match in Sevilla and spend the most important and fundamental house meetings with “Zenith” and CSKA in the domestic championship, the Vista to gain the necessary. Otherwise, many of the outputs against Nalchik can be forced to remove the red-and-white t-shirt before the Cup meeting in the quarterfinals with Wings of the Soviets” Andrei Tikhonov.


The Cup of Russia on football.

1/8 finals

“Spartak” (Moscow) – “Spartak” (Nalchik) — 5:2, “Rubin” (Kazan) – “wings of the Soviets” – 1:2 FC Tosno (Tosno) – “Tom ‘” (Tomsk) — 0:0 (6:5 — penalty shoot-out), “Rostov” (Rostov-on-don) – “Amkar” (Perm) — 1:1 (9:10 — penalty shoot-out), “Shinnik” (Yaroslavl) – “The Olympian” (Nizhni Novgorod) — 4:0, “Tambov” (Khabarovsk) – “avant-guard” (Kursk) — 0:2, “the Beam-Energy” (Vladivostok) – “Yenisei” (Krasnoyarsk) — 2:1, SKA (Khabarovsk) – “Dynamo” (St.-Petersburg) — 2:0

In the quarter-finals meet

28.02: “SKA-Khabarovsk” – “Shinnik” “avant-garde” – “Amkar”

01.03: “Tosno” – “The Beam-Energy” “Spartak” – “Wings Of The Soviets”

The hosts of the quarterfinal matches will be determined during the draw

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