“Gazprom in anticipation of the “winter campaign” almost stopped the decline in maintenance on the GTS

Moscow. 26 Oct. INTERFAX, Gazprom (MOEX: GAZP) in 2017, almost stopped the decline in maintenance works on the transmission system facilities. If in the past the reduction of repairs of linear part of main gas pipelines and GPA is calculated year after year by tens of percent, and this year the decline to within 5%.

On Thursday, Gazprom held a Board meeting dedicated to the preparations for the winter, reported the press service of “Gazprom”. The concern with special responsibility for the coming heating season, calling him emphatically “the election in the winter.”

In a traditional press release about preparing for the next autumn-winter season the company provides a standard set of data on technical maintenance of the system. The main indicator – the repair of the linear part is reduced throughout the current decade. Information about the mileage of repair of the linear part revealed in press releases from 2011 and earlier, these data were published in a different format.

The company explains the dynamics of the renovations a new approach to the repairs. “In terms of budget constraints you will go to the planning work using a new methodology of managing technical condition and integrity of GTS facilities. This methodology ensures priority selection of facilities for overhaul on the basis of the analysis of risks and systemic importance, as well as the maximum positive impact on indicators of the integrity of the GTS, and for low-priority pipelines – a similar point planning selective repairs”, – stated in the materials of “Gazprom”.

In the press release of “Gazprom” reported that in preparation for the winter on the objects of the unified gas supply system held all 12 complexes planned preventive and repair work. A lot of work on the transmission system. For the first nine months of 2017 completed the overhaul of 627,4 km of gas pipelines and gas distribution stations 213. Performed in-line inspection of 17.4 thousand km of gas pipelines, repaired and surveyed 856 32 lines for underwater crossings. Produced 342 gas compressor units repair, overhaul 33.3 km of technological pipelines of compressor stations.

“On a new record for the domestic gas industry – the level derived potential maximum daily output of UGS Russia at the beginning of the withdrawal season. It is 805,3 million cubic meters of gas. In comparison with the same period in season 2016-2017 performance increased by 4 million cubic meters Over seven years, starting in the autumn-winter period 2010-2011, Gazprom increased the potential maximum daily output of UGS in Russia, nearly 30%,” the company wrote.

Season selection 2017-2018 operating gas reserve in Russian UGS reached 72,184 billion cubic meters taking into account storage facilities in Armenia and Belarus the operating reserve of gas of “Gazprom” accounting for 73.4 billion cubic meters.

A significant amount of work conducted at the facilities of gas production. So, by early October, completely renovated 89 installations comprehensive and preliminary gas treatment. Until the end of the year provided for the commissioning of booster compressor capacity of 192 MW, more than 30 new development wells, in particular at the Bovanenkovskoye, Orenburg, Urengoy and Yamburg.

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