Geologists rewrite history that threatens humanity SUPERVOLCANO

Today it is believed that the eruption of the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO happen hundreds of thousands and even millions of years. However, the new data poluchennye experts from the University of California at Santa Barbara, suggests that its last eruption occurred, in geological terms, almost in a row.


It is known that the last 630 thousand years ago was the last and most powerful for 23 million years, the eruption of the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO, which led to the onset of the so-called “volcanic winter” — a sharp drop in temperature on the planet’s surface due to contact with the atmosphere does not transmit sunlight by volcanic dust. But a new study suggests that in fact, the volcano has erupted twice, with the “break” only 270 years, and the volcanic winter after each of the eruptions lasted for 80 years. Of this, the specialists concluded that after the SUPERVOLCANO eruption probably don’t need to “rest” for hundreds of millennia, and the effects of these eruptions can be even more serious and lasting than is generally assumed.

Experts presented the results of his research in his report at the annual conference of the American geological society in Washington.

That supervolcanoes pose a serious threat to humanity, last September, said scientists from the American space Agency NASA. In their view, such hypothetical events as the fall of a meteorite or even the war, to date, are less probable scenarios of the death of human civilization. Even then, as one of the most dangerous among the two dozen supervolcanoes on Earth experts were called the Yellowstone volcanic Caldera.

Some researchers even suggest that a super eruption could happen in the coming decades — in particular, recently, this opinion was expressed by experts from the University of Arizona. However, shortly thereafter an employee of the Yellowstone volcano Observatory Michael Poland said that the compelling reason for such a pessimistic forecast today scientists still there.

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