I mean, you’re gay: ex-mayor of Arkhangelsk beat at the shop Sterligov

The former mayor of Arkhangelsk Alexander Donskoy, being openly gay, he was reprimanded after he bought bread in the Metropolitan store of Herman Sterligov. Recall that the odious businessman denies to serve in their establishments citizens with a different sexual orientation.

photo: a frame from the video

Video with the incident was posted on Youtube. For the record, dated October 24, you can see how the don comes out of the “homophobic” Sterligov’s shop on Tverskaya-Yamskaya street and says he always buys the bread here. In the video he States that “it’s all lies”, having in mind that gays still sell products in a “farm shop” of the businessman.

Suddenly a monologue of the former mayor of Arkhangelsk interrupts an unknown passerby. With the words, “I mean, are you gay?” the man pounces on the former policy with his fists. Accompanying the don men push snapper, which is still several times trying to hit the don.

Earlier it became known that the saleswoman who worked at the Kirov shop Sterligov, was fired because she gave a brew gay. “All subsequent clerks who support the filthy scum will be thrown out into the street kick up the backside!”, it was said in the entry on the store page.

Don was the mayor of Arkhangelsk from 2005 to 2008, however, after opened on it criminal case, has filed a resignation. In October 2017, he talked about homosexuality and said that he will run for President of Russia. The don is married, has a son and daughter, said Znak.com.

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