“I woke up, the player lies on me”: the Swede told about sexual harassment

Campaign #Metoo where women talk about sexual harassment, is gaining momentum. Recently, the Swedish football player Alexander Nord, who played for the “Queen Park Rangers,” admitted in his blog that, too, fell into such a situation. She reported that the man, whose victim she was, was quite a famous player in the Premier League, but the name calling would not.

Photo: nord_nouw.com@alexandranord

“Late autumn 2012, I just moved to London. I am 19 years old. My friends took me to a nightclub…”

Alexander Nord, a Swedish football player who came to play for “Queen Park Rangers” met “the guy” in one of night clubs of London. She says that it was for her new: free entrance, free lunch, drinks and a bunch of celebrities around. There they were introduced, and it was interesting to talk about football, because for both it was a profession.

No, the first time nothing happened. They just chatted. Happened and the second time when they again met by chance in the same club, probably, very popular among the players of the Premier League.

“A few weeks later, I met him in the club with another girl. But he immediately left her and came up to me asking where I got lost last time,” writes Alexander. According to her, he was very persistent, and hide from him she could only the toilet. But the guy was patient, waited for miss Nord, wait, she’s still a little drink, and offered a ride, when the night club closed. In that time she managed to get rid of it using tricks. When the taxi pulled up to the hotel, she asked the taxi driver to wait for her, drive a little farther, and left in the car bag. Not having to go to the hotel, cried, “Oh no! My bag!”, caught up with the taxi driver, jumped in the car and asked to go faster.

But the third time, Alexander went to the club. And the third time he allowed himself to drink too much. In her blog, she admitted that the memory of that evening she is quite blurred: “I only Remember that I was already bad. And then the guy persuaded me to go with him in his Lamborghini and buy some food, so I sobered up. I even left my bag and jacket in the club, because I was not going to go stay with him”. But again they came to the hotel, and she asked at least a separate room. He promised. “But, of course, the room was only one, — says Alexander. — I was too tired to protest. But I thought I made it clear that simply going to sleep. And went right in the clothes”.

Waking up early in the morning, she found that below the belt there are no clothes on, and this is the player lying on her and “some of his body parts are not where they were supposed to be.”

“At first I got angry, and then felt ashamed. I thought I could in an unconscious state to allow him something. Trying to escape, but he pulls me back. And I have no jacket, no purse, and on the street just five degrees.”

The girl managed to escape from the room, she went down to the lobby and complained to the receptionist that he could not go home. He called a taxi and said it was due to the hotel.

“Why didn’t I call the police? I was young, and I was ashamed. Secondly, I lived in a foreign country with an unfamiliar legal system and didn’t know if I have enough evidence. Thirdly, the guy had large resources to defend themselves. And yet, I didn’t want to be a victim,” — says Alexander.

She also told me that the Manager guy called her the next day and persuaded not to betray that story. This, they say, could ruin his career and family. The hero of the story, it turns out, was married and was going in the near future to become a father. Alexander promised not to tell…

She was silent for more than five years and told this story only on October 20 on his blog. Of course, at first the Swedish and then the British media picked up the story. For the girl, who is currently participating in the Swedish version of the show “the Bachelor”, began to hunt journalists. After that, Alexander Nord was angry: “I’m shocked that media around the world use my words and my story told in the blog, as if I gave them an interview! I haven’t talked to and didn’t want journalists outside my doorstep. It happened five years ago! This is not news”.

But perhaps the British would continue the investigation and will reveal the name “the player”.

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