Imani: “I come to Russia not to sing in front of Putin”

Her real name is Nadia Mlaga and stage name is translated from Swahili as “faith.” The debut album of the actress “The Shape of a Broken Heart” came out 6 years ago and was certified platinum in France, Greece and three in Poland. The Russian audience was conquered by the touching song “You Will Never Know”, since the appearance played in rotation on many radio stations.

And when inquiring listeners began to dig deeper, there is a storehouse of interesting songs from different genres. “ZD” talk with Imani about eclectic music, change in destiny and know why art is especially necessary for people in hard times.

Imani, your song, such as “You Will Never Know”, “Don t Be So Shy” became hits in Russia and in European countries. Taking the bar quite high, as you continue to maintain public interest in what I do?

A major challenge that must understand every artist. And to go forward, it needs to possess a number of strengths, to build character, to be demanding of myself and a lot of work. I am a maximalist and believe that the quality of the music, shows, records, video should always be at the highest level. You can never make success and love of fans for granted is a great temptation, which is no good will not result. You must have high standards, you should not forget about them.

Prior to joining great musical world you are seriously engaged in sports – high jump, as well as modeling. As it turned out, that the motion vector has changed dramatically, and you become an artist?

– I became interested in modeling when I was a teenager, it was my first job, and I liked it. After the crisis, the market many people from this area lost their jobs, including myself. At that time I worked in the restaurant was the hostess. Had to work for at least some financial stability. I had to meet a lot of people who are forced to work in restaurants and hotels, like me, who actually were singers, actors, representatives of other creative professions. Despite this they still tried to do something for themselves, for the soul to continue to evolve in creativity. And then I realized that, although are in a difficult life situation, and you have to do unloved business for the money, I have yet to move to their dream, at least in small steps. Now I know that dreams come true, and this gradually came to the conclusion that I have now. I hope my example can inspire someone. This is a real story.

What distinguishes, in your opinion, the Russian public?

– It is very interesting. To be honest, when I walk on the Russian streets, I think your countrymen are quite gloomy, closed, a little smile they (especially men). But when you go on stage, you see before you is a cheerful, nicely crazy and wild audience. People are dancing, cheering, clapping, they are very expressive and are not afraid to Express their emotions. I feel they know how to party and have fun. It can not but rejoice.

You love to tour? Which countries are you most attracted to?

– During the tour, unfortunately, I have almost no time left to look at, to examine carefully those city where I be. But I can say that I was very impressed by Japan, I really love India. Who knows, maybe someday I will move there and (laughs).

As you can define the style of the music and to describe a collective image of your listener?

– I think my listeners are so different that the collective image simply does not exist. People from different countries, of different ages, social spheres, religions – in short, the audience combined. The same can be said about his music – in the sense that it is a mix, made of many elements are similar, it is interesting to me. It is a lot of folk motives, I’m a fan of roots music, hip-hop – at the time I was very much influenced by American hip-hop, a little soul… don’t you think you should put some rigid genre boundaries – creativity should be free. Regarding listeners – another small observation: probably in Russia they are much younger than in France. And people often come to me at concerts with their families.

What are the trends you see on the stage today?

– Despite the fact that thanks to technology, many people today go deeper into experiments with electronic sounds, I see still actively developing the rock and folk scene. I think in every genre continue to appear new names, life does not stand still…

Soul, jazz, Blues is considered to be the intellectual music which hardly takes part of the mass audience. Is there a future for these areas?

Of course. I don’t think it’s really difficult music, for perception of which we need some special base or a certain level of intelligence: many Blues songs are built on just two chords, and their text is often quite simple. Creativity is available to all sorts of people, but it is a deep art, it is addressed to the heart, not the mind. And if a person listens to the heart – such works hurt him to the quick.

 Some foreign artists have ceased to play in Russia, not endorsing the behavior of the Russian government in the international arena. Stick to what position you mean?

– I have my own opinion about what is happening in the world and in your country, but I come here not to sing in front of Vladimir Putin, I sing for my fans who love me and wait, which is close to my work. I think that no matter what political problems and conflicts, the artist should not quit his audience. And another thing: depressed people especially need music.

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