“In Batumi is the Trump Tower will be constructed Silk Tower

– Georgian investment company Silk Road Group will build in Batumi, a 47-story skyscraper for the architectural concept, which had previously been agreed with Donald trump and The Trump Organization, said the company’s head Giorgi Ramishvili in an interview with CNBC.

“Now, I can confidently say that we will spend approximately $ 100 million and build a skyscraper called the Silk Tower exactly according to the architectural concept, which was approved by Mr. trump and his organization during his visit to Georgia in 2012. I’m sure it will be a successful project,” said Ramishvili in an interview, extracts from which were published at Thursday, the Georgian media.

According to him, according to existing concept, the owners of luxury real estate in this building will be the V Batumi with high incomes.
License agreement Silk Road Group with the trump organization, according to which Batumi was to be built a large multifunctional complex with the respective apartments, offices and hotel with a total cost of $250 million, was terminated in early 2017 by agreement of the parties. It happened after Donald trump was elected President of the United States, and to avoid conflict of interests Trump Organization officially announced its withdrawal from the project.

“It was a new reality. Mr. trump became President, this was a different situation and we have been together, in good faith, both parties agreed to terminate our agreement”, – said the TV channel situation Ramishvili.

Silk Road Group, one of the leading investment groups in the Caucasus and Central Asian region, working in the fields of transport, trade, real estate, tourism and telecommunications.

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