Kashin and ivy sued the FSB for Telegram

Journalists Oleg Kashin and Alexander Plyuschev announced in his telegram channels of filing a claim to the FSB due to the requirement of special service to the Telegram to provide the encryption keys.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As ivy wrote, “we believe that it affects our right to confidential communication with sources of information”.

Kashin brought more detailed argument: “I already not the first year most of his time in Russia, and since my work involves human contact, live conversations with sources and other interlocutors I have replaced messengers, and especially to the Telegram. In it I discuss almost everything that interests me and everything I write, including politicians, civil servants and even sometimes with the security forces. Trusting each other, and I, and my interlocutors always hope that our conversations will not appear someone else, and now the Federal security service, using their special position in the state tries to violate our rights, harming the development of the whole society, if quite utilitarian — and technology, of the economy, that is, even if you approach the question is on the other hand, will still be a violation of our rights. I believe that our rights need protection. Being both a popular leading telegram channels, we Plushevii protected including this new original media, which became in Russia an important phenomenon”.

Note that channels ivy and Kashin signed about 17.5 thousand people.

The interests of journalists undertook to submit to the International human rights group “Agora”: it is selected and the Creator of Telegram, Pavel Durov for litigation with the FSB.

Recall that the developers of the messenger has repeatedly pointed out the impossibility of fulfilling the requirements of the FSB in the power of purely technical reasons: it uses a so-called endpoint encryption, which takes place directly on the user’s device.

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