“Khimki” among the leaders of the Euroleague

This is a serious bid. Three wins from three at the start of the main basketball Euro tournament itself sounds good, and especially if these successes are achieved in the matches against the champion of Spain, the strongest team in Lithuania and now — over the best club in Serbia and the Adriatic League. In Mytishchi, where since the beginning of the season, taking opponents for the Euroleague yellow-blue, Belgrad “Tsrvena zvezde” did not help either starting speed, no confidence after the victory against Barcelona, no support pension sector. The top of the table of the regular championship the command of Georgios Bartzokas inferior to the eminent “real” only on points difference. The chase begins.

Photo: BC “Khimki”

As in the game with “Zalgiris”, the Russian team had to take a cold shower. “Stars” released in the starting five just two in fact center, Bjelica and Lessor soon the guests took 7 points, while Anthony Gill and Alexey Shved situation corrected. It is in such a moment was confused last week, “Barcelona”. Khimki struggled to bring in penalty points, so the guests in part of team fouls is not particularly shy. And to support the sector “red Star” came sister from Spartak Moscow”, they were sometimes heard. But the surroundings were very peaceful.

But billet Serbs, led by, frankly, young by coaching standards 31-year-old Dusan Olimpievich were quickly exhausted. Hero start Vildan (12 points) and then played another 20 minutes, only this time earned only 2 points showing in mid-range throws a 25 percent performance. Bjelica was well supplied with passes of Our mostly right, but soon the protection of Khimki blocked both oxygen. Yellow-blue know style last games in VTB United League — first for “Nizhny Novgorod”, then “the locomotive”. The leader of the guests on the high-profile titles Pero antic didn’t get the space for creativity. Results balkantsev rapidly fell from 28 points in the first 10-minute period to 11 in the third! And protection of the hosts — Khimki Serbian Stefan Markovic for a couple with the Swede is repeatedly disrupted the applause 5 and a half thousand fans beautiful combinations.

The ending, however, again was not easy. A series of errors turned a comfortable “+12” in the slippery 78:74. At this point, Anderson successfully threw from behind the arc, and then Gill safely dropped Bjelica: 207-centimeter giant under the disapproving crowd noise ruined both free throws. Yes, in terms of fan support “Khimki” clear leaders, at least in Russia. 85:78 — good mood before the first departure of the season, because on Thursday, October 26, Khimki played in Athens, with the champion of the Euroleague 2011/2012 Olympiacos, while also going without a loss.

“Play is still not ideal, but we all three games really helped our fans who entered the hall in Mytishchi, but in Greece will be a completely different feeling,” said point guard Shved.

“The game is over what to work, — admitted the team captain Sergey Monya. In particular, today there were a lot of unforced errors. To the Serbs, we prepared carefully studied the video game red-white at home against Barcelona, laid out in the meeting through all their strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, “Star”, especially in the beginning, managed to score us many heavy balls, and to pass such we were not supposed to. But then everything happened…”

Bartzokas, who has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of their players during time-outs, canceled the postgame meeting, then still found more pros than cons! He seemed pleased: “home Advantage was used to one hundred percent. Besides, we had arrived very successful in their leagues clubs. The Swede had 9 assists, so it should be. He shows outstanding attacking game, and everyone wants to stop him, so sharing the ball is a good decision. This largely explains why we scored 85 points. During the break there was a conversation, which resulted in a change of approach is evident in the third quarter. But if you want to win and we need to play 40 minutes and not 10 or 15…”

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“Khimki” (Moscow region, Russia) — “Tsrvena the Star” (Belgrad, Serbia) — 85:78 (20:28, 23:16, 21:11, 21:23).

“Khimki”: Anderson (24 points), Sweden (18 + 9 assists), Markovic (10 + 5)…

“Crvena Zvezda”: Bjelica (15), Feldene (14), Our (13), Lessor (12)…

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