Know-how, customs: of goods Declaration will be completed before his arrival

Passengers no longer will have to wait for the landing of several tens of minutes because of the unloading of commercial goods from the aircraft on arrival at the airports of Moscow from abroad. A mobile customs group on the borders of Russia will be able to calculate the trucks with sanctions products. These and other innovations in the industry, introduced the staff of FCS of Russia in the XVIII International exhibition “Customs service-2017”, which runs from 25 to 26 October in the capital.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

As told “MK” the press-service of customs of the airport “Vnukovo”, workers now have office has a special program that enables you to receive the completed Declaration with full information about the product, following by air to Moscow even before his arrival. Electronic circulation of these documents has largely reduced the waiting time of customs clearance. So now a passenger aircraft carrying commercial Luggage, you can drop people off immediately after landing. Earlier flight could wait of paperwork and unloading for 20 minutes, and at this time the passengers languished on Board.

In addition, the participants of the exhibition introduced a new app that will appear on tablets employees in 2018. It will allow mobile customs teams to obtain all necessary information about transport passing the border of the country, even in the absence of the Internet and mobile communications. With it, the customs officers will be able to catch violators transporting sanctioned products and counterfeit.

In addition, at the stand of Sheremetyevo airport introduced the program of long-term development of air dock, the stand of the Public Council at the Federal customs service of Russia signed a Declaration to support the Charter of honest participants of foreign economic activity. All activities were timed to the Day of customs officer of the Russian Federation.

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