Lawyer Felgenhauer rebuked the speaker SK in haste and incompetence

Representing the interests of the Deputy chief editor of “echo of Moscow” Tatiana Felgengauer lawyer Sergei adamsin did not agree with the official representative of SK Tatyana Petrenko, who said that the investigation is considering only one version of the attack on the journalist — “mental instability” arrested Boris grits.


We will remind that on Wednesday adamsin talked about two versions of the attack — in fact, psychiatric, and also about the possibility of using grits by certain forces, specially trained it to kill.

These words Badamshina and denied today, Petrenko, saying that is considered merely the first version.

However, according to “Open Russia”, employee advocacy which is adamsin, “until today, the appointment of a forensic psychiatric examination by an investigator is not made, and we are not familiarized, therefore, to talk about a single version in the circumstances unprofessional and premature.”

Adamsin emphasized that he hoped the consideration of all possible versions of the crime, not just the “simplest”.

Today the investigator within 5 minutes talked to Felgenhauer, is gradually recovering after being stabbed in the neck, also a consequence asked about the cooperation of Israel, where grits lived in recent years, and whence came, according to entries in his blog, to get rid of “psychic harassment” Felgengauer, which had never met.

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