Media: actors Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Elena Lyadova are expecting a baby

The joyous news went after the premiere of the film “salute-2”. Starring Vladimir Vdovichenkov came to the event with his wife Elena Lyadova, who wore to the event is free sweater. This fact, as well as “some sources” have reason to suspect that the actress is pregnant.

photo: Gennady Avramenko

At the premiere, in which Vladimir Vdovichenkov has played a major role, Elena Lyadova came in the spacious red sweater and slacks. The public suspected that the actress, previously preferring tight outfits, hides the tummy, writes Eg.RU.

According to sources, the couple is expecting a girl, the period of 4 months.

We will remind, Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Elena Lyadova announced their relationship unexpectedly at the Cannes film festival after painting by Andrey Zvyagintsev’s “Leviathan,” in which actors played the main roles. On the red carpet the couple walked out holding hands. It was a complete surprise, as Vdovichenkov marriage to actress Olga Filippova at the time were not terminated.

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Publication of Elena Lyadova (@lyadovalena) Jun 7 2017 7:56 PDT

For Lyadova child will be the first. For Vdovichenkov – third from previous marriages, the actor is 24-year-old son Leonid and 12-year-old daughter Veronica.

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