Media: Kamchatka high school students staged a children’s battles with the tote

Investigators on the Kamchatka Peninsula began verification of information on children’s battles with the tote, who allegedly gave local Teens.


As informs Investigatory management SK the local, “according to recent media information, the three teenagers 16-17 years old got two boys, students 4 classes to fight among themselves. While they were doing cash rate”.

Investigators promise to “carefully examine all the facts and establish all the circumstances of the incident”.

The details of the incident leading local media “Kam 24”, referring to distributed social networks. According to this information, “fight” was organized on 18 October in the city of Yelizovo.

Three teenagers 16-17 years caught the fourth grader and took him into the forest, where was his peers. Teens forced children to fight, and the winner gave 200 rubles, promising that he will come again for him for the next “battle”.

Parents are the “winner” complained about the actions of “the organizers tote” to the police.

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