MIA of Ukraine: the explosion in the center of Kiev is a terrorist attack

On the fact of explosion in the center of Kiev, in which was wounded the people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, the representative of the Radical party Igor Mosiychuk prosecuted. Incident investigation is entrusted to investigators of the security service of Ukraine. Currently we are working at several versions of what happened, but the interior Ministry has said that klassificeret emergency like a terrorist attack.

photo: page Gerashchenko in Facebook

The corresponding statement has extended a press-service of the MIA of Ukraine.

“In the explosion on October 25 in Solomenskiy district of Kiev wounds were got by five people, one of whom died. On-site emergency work operations group and the bomb squad… opened criminal proceedings under article 258 of the Criminal code of Ukraine “Terrorist act”, – stated in the message.

How wrote on his page in Facebook adviser to the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko, in addition to other versions of the incident, investigators do not exclude “Russian trace”.

“At the exit of the channel “espresso” was a terrorist act. According to preliminary information, exploded in a parked motorcycle mounted with a explosive device. The blast killed one citizen. He is now being identified. Injured people’s Deputy Igor Moseychuk, a political analyst Vitaly Bala and guard of a Deputy. For specialists on clearance, the staff of service on emergency situations, the investigative and operational group. One of the versions of the investigation, among others – the actions of the Russian special services to destabilize the political and social situation on the background of protest actions”, – wrote to Gerashchenko, having analogy with the death of the journalist Pavel Sheremet, an employee of the DIU Maxim Shapovalov, Colonel counterintelligence Yuri Vaznogo Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Kharaberyush.

Gerashchenko also said that it is possible to assume that the power of the explosion exceeded the kilograms of TNT.

“In homes around the broken glass. According to this the power of the explosion was not less than 1 kg in a trotyl equivalent”, – said the adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine .

There were photos from the scene of the explosion, injuring Мосийчукhttps://t.co/aMBYsejYKu pic.twitter.com/vRPUfeiAOT

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