Mosiychuk could be a random victim: the bomb waiting for another policy

25 Oct in Solomenskiy district of Kiev, near the 5-storey building on the street Adam Mickiewicz 10 exploded in a parked shortly before the emergency (approximately 21.50) a moped. Located in the building of the TV channel “espresso” which is associated with the influential parliamentary party “people’s front”. MP from the Radical party of Oleh Liashko Ihor Mosiychuk was admitted together with the head of the situations modeling Agency Vitaly Bala were seriously injured.

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Much less lucky guard Mosiychuk, 31-year-old policeman Ruslan Kushnir, and lived in neighboring five-story building 36-year-old ex-police captain Michael Mormelo. The first died on the spot, the second died in the 17-th city clinical hospital.

Injured another bystander Hope So she was taken to the neurosurgery Department of the Kiev hospital of ambulance.

Ruslan Kushnir, remind deputies-radicals in 2013-2014 he served in the interior Ministry “Berkut”, together with colleagues tried to calm the protesters in Kiev’s Independence square. For Mosiychuk superiors had put him only a month ago. The deceased policeman has a little daughter; his widow resides on the 6th month of pregnancy…

Colleagues seriously wounded Mosiychuk already linked the attack with “revenge of Ramzan Kadyrov.” At the time, the extravagant Ukrainian MP has arranged on-camera “demonstration shot” black-and-white portrait of the leader of Chechnya. Shortly after the scandalous performance, he got in an accident.

At noon in the Prosecutor’s office in Kiev was held the first briefing on the tragic event.

The investigation of the crime, told journalists that the Metropolitan Prosecutor Roman Govda, headed by the Deputy Prosecutor of Kyiv Pavlo Kononenko. He previously led the investigation into the murder of the former Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov, committed on March 23, near the hotel “Premier Palace”.

According to Mr. Kononenko, the key to the investigation – “the attack by order from Russia”, “political and social activities of the Chairman” and the attempt on the Deputy “for personal reasons”. It is also impossible to reject the version about attempt on the life of “any other politician, who at that time was “Espresso”, or could conceivably be in the premises of TV channel”.

Reinforced investigatory-operative group works at Mickiewicza street since last night. CID staff continue door-to-door residents of nearby houses. Studied records from surveillance cameras. All night the scene of the explosion was guarded by the police.

The improvised explosive device could be collected, as suggested by Mr. Kononenko, on the basis of the car alarm. Talking about it found at the scene of the explosion of electronic Board.

The power of the explosive device in the trotyl equivalent made 400-600 grams, which is quite a lot.

Pavel Kononenko does not exclude any version of, say, a relative of the victim is studied “the whole previous life of the man, starting with kindergarten.” Whether it is on the attempt of the Chairman or of some other political figure is not clear.

The Prosecutor of Kiev Govda bluntly refused to discuss the connection with yesterday’s explosion Mykola Kohanivsky – leader of the banned in Russia organization of Ukrainian nationalists, who yesterday sent under house arrest for 60 days. Igor Mosiychuk three days in a row, strongly defended the controversial nationalist in Kiev Svyatoshinsky court.

…First stream from the event gave the journalist of “Espreso” Miroslav master. After that the woman became ill. She was taken to the heart Institute, where doctors diagnosed for the journalist a heart attack.

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