“Office romance”: the film is inspired by the unsuccessful adaptation of

Today marks 40 years of the famous movie by Eldar Ryazanov “Office romance”. In the past motion picture, describing the unusual relationship the chief statistician Anatoly Novoseltsev and his female boss Lyudmila Kalugina, became the leader of the film and one of the favorite movies of many people in Russia and other countries.

photo: still from the film

40th anniversary of the appearance on the screens of the famous film “noted” Google is dedicated to this event so called “Doodle” is an image or video posted on the main page of a search engine instead of a logo, often timed to the anniversary of a certain event or the date of birth of any person. In this case, Doodle drawn “explanation” in which Prokofiev, sitting in a chair Kalugina, depicts her wearing glasses on his Shoe.

The film “Office romance” was based on the lyrical Comedy of the play “Colleagues”, which premiered in 1971. This play, written by Eldar Ryazanov in collaboration with his colleague Emil Braginskiy, was staged at the Leningrad Comedy Theatre. N. Akimov and of Moscow theatre of a name of VL. Mayakovsky. It was a great success, and in 1973 the Central television of the USSR radio and television released based on the play by the eponymous two-part film.

According to some, Ryazanov himself was dissatisfied with the drama, and believed it caused him to shoot his own movie called “Office romance”, which subsequently became widely known.

In 1878, the film was viewed more than 58 million viewers — he enters into the twenty of the absolute leaders sovetstskuyu movies. Phrase characters rapidly went on quotes, and many scenes remain quite recognizable still — including the one today, “sends” the main Google page.

In 1979, the film was awarded the State prize of the RSFSR behalf of the Vasilyev brothers.

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