On Mars ufologists noticed semikilometrovaya “sperm”

Studying images of the surface of the red planet with Google Mars, scientists drew attention to the unusual object, from a distance resembling a sperm. However, the authors of the “open” tend to assume that they had discovered a giant animal that fell on the surface of Mars from space.

photo: google maps

According to ufologists, the length of the mysterious creatures is 7.7 km or 358 meters, not counting the “tail”. With a little imagination a giant monster, apart from the tail, it is possible to “see” the mouth, nose, eyes, a kind of gills and a sort of paw.

Ufologists have suggested that landed on Mars a huge animal, able to live directly in outer space just as fish live in water. The question of how a living creature at least theoretically, can travel in space devoid of any nutrients to support its vital functions, the self-proclaimed experts are not set.

In all likelihood, in fact, “sensation” is another example of visual illusion called pareidolia, forces to search for a familiar shape, even in objects that are barely relevant to them. It is believed that the basis of this phenomenon is quite justified from an evolutionary point of view, the ability to obtain maximum data with incomplete information, however, in such cases this mechanism, for obvious reasons, can only confuse the person. Anyway, ufologists constantly “exploiting” the phenomenon pareidolia, trying to imagine the terrain features or the play of light and shadow on other planets as evidence of the visit on them of aliens or the existence of the local fauna.

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