Playing the victim: confessions of rape became fashionable

Numerous allegations of sexual harassment that have rained down on the well-known American figures after a sex scandal with Harvey Weinstein, more reminiscent of autumn aggravation. After the recognition of dozens of famous models and Actresses, that they were raped or tried to do an American producer, women began to withdraw to clean water, and other famous people of the United States. So, two journalists and an actress accused of harassment actor Steven Seagal. Not escaped the stigma of dirty domogalla even former US President George Bush senior. Actress Heather Lind said that the man, long confined to a wheelchair, grabbed her by protruding parts of the body, releasing obscene jokes.


Unlike Harvey Weinstein, who, under the gravity of the charges confessed to the crime, the actor and former President categorically deny the fault. Steven Seagal said that the journalist tried to provoke him, pretending to love, and added that such people belong in a zoo. Actress Heather Lind, published in his Instagram post about the harassment of George Bush senior, soon she removed it. Most likely, this is due to the fact that after publication, the users began to leave angry comments about the actress. Including the lady blamed the fact that she chased the new-fangled trend in Hollywood to admit that in the past someone was raped or molested, in most cases without any evidence. Why American stars have begun to talk about sexual harassment, whether they have a reason to write such stories, we found out from the psychologist Marina Pylaeva:

“Objectively, such a mass confession of abuse by famous people can be two reasons. First: most Actresses in virtue of their profession confronted with sexual harassment by people they depend on producers or Directors. Most women are silent about it, fearing that they will not be believed and they just spoil their careers. But as soon as one of the victims finds the strength to speak openly about the sexual assault or rape, courage be other victims. But there is another reason. After the exposure Weinstein, among the stars be a victim of harassment has become fashionable, as though it may sound crazy. And even those stars that did not stick, could think: how is it that all aspire to, and I’m not, so I’m not too good. In this regard, the part of the women’s stories about harassment could simply invent. Indeed, in the case of the same American producer most of the ladies who call themselves its victims have no tangible evidence. Moreover, such a statement serves to stars wonderful PR and once again draws the attention of the public. Therefore, to distinguish between who writes and who is telling the truth extremely difficult.”

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