“Saudi Arabia has given citizenship to a robot

Saudi Arabia was the first country which has granted citizenship to the robot during the summit, “Investment initiative of the future” in Riyadh, said on Thursday the newspaper the Independent.

“We have a little announcement. We just found out (robot – if) Sophia, I hope you listen to me, you got the citizenship of Saudi Arabia, first issued to the robot,” said the moderator of the panel discussion Andrew Sorkin.

“Thank the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I am proud that I had the honor to occupy a special position. I will be the first robot in history, received the citizenship,” replied the robot of Sofia.

“I was told that the participants and visitors of the summit, “Investment initiative of the future” are interested in investing in artificial intelligence that means investment in me. I’m happy to be here,” said Sophia in a short interview, noting that people should not worry about the danger of artificial intelligence described in the films “blade Runner” and “Terminator”.

The newspaper notes that the move has caused outrage among many Internet users and people in the country who noticed that Sophia was presented as a woman, spoke at the event in Riyadh without a hijab and without a man guardian. The criticism was caused by the fact that women-citizens of Saudi Arabia is similar to no rights.

Critics also drew attention to the ease and speed of granting of citizenship of the robot, while migrant workers working in the country, have very limited rights.

“This robot has got the citizenship of Saudi Arabia and the migrant workers who lived all his life in the country remains extremely powerless” – the newspaper quoted journalist Murtaza Hussein.

In accordance with the laws of Saudi Arabia, foreign workers cannot leave the country without permission from their employers – this is one of the elements of the “system of Kafala,” which limits the rights of foreign workers.

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