“Sex slave” of Las Vegas arrow said: depression and fascination with sex “pulled the trigger”

About the motives of the personality of Las Vegas as a mass murderer Stephen Paddock, is still unknown. What pushed him to the murder of 58 people and wounded more than 500? The police and the FBI carefully sew the pieces of his life trying to find at least approaches to these motives. Questioning his girlfriend, which he sent to the Philippines, also gave nothing. Circle one only question marks. And suddenly…

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It turned out that Paddock had “sexual slave”, the price of 6000 dollars in one night. Her murderer “practiced” their sex fantasies.

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Only that this “slave” talk. In a detailed and blood chilling interview to the magazine “national inquirer,” she opened the door into a darkened world of a mass murderer.

The interview consists of wild parts of drug abuse and sexual torture that played out in hotels “sin city” — Las Vegas.

According to an expensive call-girl, she managed to win the heart of the Paddock. She thinks his fears, his depression, his fascination with sex “pulled the trigger”… crimes.

Michaela, her real name is kept secret, also a victim of a mass murderer. Sexual orgies and “demonic depression”, during which she was accompanied by Paddock, brought him to “sniper nest” hotel “Mandalay Bay” from the October 1 Paddock shot their victims.

“My heart fell to the stomach when I found out that he was a mass murderer. It is difficult to say what was wrong with him. Perhaps, after I broke up with him, his depression reached its peak. I knew what he was capable of. But it would be so extreme, I had no idea,” says Michaela.

She worked for an escort Agency when we first met with the Paddock. After two dates, a 64-year-old lecher into her. He told her he wanted to be her “sugar daddy” “sugar daddy”.

They started Dating under the shadow of the ill-fated “Mandalay Bay” and other hotels in Las Vegas. The paddock spoke to Michaela, “I want you dressed in innocent clothes, the kind that Schoolgirls wear. You know, knee-high socks, school uniform, knee length skirt, shirt, buttoned up,” murmured her old man.

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Fill it with cocaine and drunk alcohol, the Paddock loved to rent rooms on the attic of the hotel, away from the eyes of its inhabitants, and to give it their militant fantasies. “He liked to choke me. Forced to roll on the floor screaming for help. But I had to fend him off seriously,” says Michaela.

A year later, the Paddock fell in love with Michaela and tried to get rid of his Philippine passions 62-year-old Marylou of denli. Michaela refused harassment “groom”. Depression Paddock deepened. He accused the girl of adultery and demanded that she already parodied not a schoolgirl and a prostitute.

When the meeting began to take a more violent character — the Paddock always walked with a gun — Michaela decided to stop seeing him. In one of the texts Dating from April 2016, the Paddock wrote to her: “I own you. You’re mine. If you think it’s over between us, you’re wrong. You belong to me”.

According to Michaela, the Paddock was planning a Vegas carnage for a long time. No wonder he only stayed on the top bunk “Mandalay Bay” and all the time to change rooms, Windows, vyhodivshii to the square in front of the hotel. When one girl mentioned to me that he wants to go to a concert under the hotel, the Paddock nervously exclaimed, “No!”

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The magazine “the inquirer” writes: “while investigators have scratched their heads, eating to establish the motives of the crime, we’ve solved the mystery, finishing off the 2000 texts on inner demons of the Paddock. It seemed that his mind slips somewhere down in the deep and militant Blues.”

Mikael says that the Paddock enjoyed causing people trauma. That is why he began to collect your firearms Arsenal, she said. He was born for violence: “I was born poor”, he said…


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