“Siluanov said about the need for developers to switch from equity to loan

Moscow. 26 Oct. INTERFAX – Developers as lower interest rates in the economy will gradually start financing its projects through the resources of the banks, not the citizens – buyers of the future apartments, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, commenting on the prospects of shared construction in the course of the meeting with the Communist faction in the state Duma.

“In good, given the decline in interest rates might push us to think about whether to continue raising money in this way (through the mechanism of equity – if). Keeping in mind that after all builders need to use more of borrowed funds during the construction of houses, and still more citizens correctly and securely buy apartments in newly built houses, not to invest at stage zero construction with unclear consequences,” – said Siluanov, answering the question of “deceived investors”.

According to the Minister, “if we abandon the shared construction, this decision is not today, of course, is for the future.” At the moment the builders to attract funds of investors, “because there are no shareholders, no construction loans are very expensive,” said Siluanov. However, as the Minister said, the lower interest rates in the economy “all the same, and the reduction of construction costs will be resolved.”

Phasing out of shared construction was discussed at a meeting of President Vladimir Putin with government members on October 25, said Wednesday, “Vedomosti” Director General of the Agency for housing mortgage lending Alexander Plutnik.

In the meantime, the mechanism of shared construction works, officials have promised to monitor its implementation, to the problem of “deceived investors” have occurred.

“The task of the state – the government discussed this issue is to create a mechanism of control over the funds that investors invest in the construction, with the involvement of authorized banks and of banking supervision, on the other hand, to monitor such buildings and to create the conditions to move from a shared construction to the purchase of apartments in the market of ready habitation. That would be right, with a mortgage”, – he said.

“We are now creating the necessary mechanisms and tools to monitor all construction sites that use a shared construction, to take account of, to oblige the regional authorities to control such construction. To create a mechanism to guarantee support for this type of construction”, – said the head of the Ministry of Finance.
According to the Ministry of construction, which led Anton Siluanov, the number of “deceived investors” at the moment is 36,6 thousand

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