Test drive new Honda CR-V: “Want to spice spicy”

Biography Honda CR-V goes back to the mid-nineties dense, so the model can be considered a veteran among SUVs. The fifth generation car was placed on the new platform, there was little in size, and a fresh suit is tailored with the inherent Japanese brand feeling — moderately aggressive, moderately rapidly and moderately recognizable.

In Russia the model has long won a large army of loyal fans, but personally I remember the last representative of the third generation, which is characterized by balance and equally combined gambling the handling and driving comfort. The current CR-V in comparison with the ancestor of a completely different car: a typical razdobrevshaya bourgeois, whose main priorities are the comfort and livability.

The Japanese crossover received a new modular platform shared with the Honda Civic of the tenth generation, with the wheelbase increased by 30 mm, and the body by 60 mm. Increase in the dimensions provided additional interior space, while the Luggage compartment volume of the precursor was greater by as much as 67 liters (589 vs 522 l). And despite the fact that under the floor of a crossover — a small stowaway. If you compare with competitors, the Mitsubishi Outlander compartment size is 477/1640 l, Hyundai Santa Fe — 585/1680 l, Nissan X-Trail — 497/1585 l, Kia Sorento — 605/1662 L.

But, if to believe passport data, in comparison with the previous generation, the new CR-V with 28 mm increased ground clearance — up to 208 mm suspension Design remains the same: front — McPherson, rear — mnogoryichazhka.

Changes in appearance definitely went “Japanese” for the benefit of: he’s got a more prominent front bumper, distinctive headlights, which became fully led, and elegant hexagonal radiator grille. More significantly changed the feed from textured cut faces, another form of led lights and a more substantial rear spoiler.

The interior of the new model generally resembles the previous apartment CR-V, where the functionality fits well within a conservative style. Though details are noticeable significant changes. For example, the instrument panel is now electronic, with high-quality color graphics. There is also an adjustable projection display that allows not to be distracted from the road. On the center console is placed a tablet with a 7-inch interactive screen, which will have to accept for anyone used to traditional buttons. All functions of the system except the sound volume now be controlled through the touchscreen. However, neither image quality nor speed of reaction to complaining was not necessary.

A multimedia system Android Display Audio equipped with wireless communication channels, successfully mirror from a remote source over the Network any mobile device. Data transfer can be done via proper USB cables, HDMI. Here is an image of a rear view camera and side-view camera on the right mirror, which, as in the previous CR-V, automatically enabled after activation of the indicator.

With the convenience and ergonomics of the driver is no problem, even if he is broad and tall. And certainly they will not have rear passengers who will feel on the second row just royally. There is no Central tunnel on the floor, and space enough for passengers the most outstanding physique. And even if you push the front seat back to the stop position, the legs will be free. Perhaps, the CR-V, the volume space on the second row some of the most outstanding in the class. Besides, on the back of the sofa regulated by the slope of the back, but only in two positions.

In the Russian market crossover is equipped with two familiar petrol “four” volume of 2.0 liters (150 HP) and 2.4 l (186 HP). The new 1.5-liter turbo engine with 190 HP we will not be delivered. The model is available in four trim levels, all of them four-wheel drive, and the powertrain is now only offered stepless variator, which debuted in the previous generation on an older version.

In the top version features a 2.4-liter 186-horsepower motor CR-V easily fit into the status of a comfortable family vehicle. “Japanese” was extremely helpful and considerate with passengers and driver. A sense of confidence doesn’t leave us even in an urban environment or on country highways where crossover during trips “to the South” will be an exemplary driver. With all-wheel drive, but without the ability to lock the center coupling “Japanese” is ready “to feel” moderate off-road. Polite pendant carefully taking care of passenger comfort on any pavement, and the American way slightly broken steering wheel settings sharpened by a calm and measured ride.

All anything, but for some, the family car plays the role of a rough and helpful Butler, and for someone it must become lifelong and loyal friend with whom you can talk heart to heart, and just chill. In short, the nature of the Prim and proper “Japanese” could use a splash of light, hitch and peppercorns, which is famous for its forebear, the third CR-V.

So someone may want to spice this dish spicy, because the motor seems powerful, the CVT is not lazy, a review on the gas pedal fast but accelerates “Japanese” without inspiration. Acceleration is smooth, stable, but without the passion and explosion. Even the sport mode of the transmission is not particularly help the situation, and in order to squeeze a drop of excitement, we have to include a manual mode with simulated speeds. Still, the CVT box on the fan. Does not contribute to active driving and steering, but suspension work is significant in all respects, for which the manufacturer a solid five points.

If the comfort level of the fifth CR-V is really able to enter in the euphoria, its price may sober, although on the background of classmates, it is quite competitive. The price range for the new crossover varies from 1 900 to 2 769 389 000 rubles. For comparison — Skoda Kodiaq will cost from 1 000 to 2 999 575 000, Renault Koleos — 1 749 2 000 to 219 000, Hyundai Santa Fe, from 1 to 956 000 2 449 000, Mitsubishi Outlander — from 1 000 to 2 499 289 990, the Nissan X-Trail — from 1 to 414 000 2 022 000.

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