“The alleged crash site of a Russian Mi-8 came out of the Norwegian rescue vessels

Moscow. 26 Oct. INTERFAX – a Russian helicopter that crashed off the coast of Spitsbergen, was assigned to the heliport of Barentsburg, reported “Interfax” a source in the international services the aviation search and rescue.

“The Mi-8 helicopter was assigned to the Heliport of Barentsburg, also known as base “Kapp Heer”, which belongs to the trust “Arktikugol”, – said the source.
He said that the water in the ocean in the expected area of the crash around 0 degrees, snowing.

The Norwegian government and the Svalbard administraciya Fusselman sent to the site of the alleged crash of a rescue helicopter and several rescue vessels, including the Governor’s Polarsyssel vessel, which was in the vicinity of the crash site.

About the helicopter crash near the Norwegian settlement of Barentsburg on Svalbard reported earlier, the Norwegian rescue center. He fell to 2-3 km from the shore. About the loss of the helicopter it became known at 15:35 local time, his fall was confirmed at 15:45.

In turn, a source in the international services the aviation search and rescue has reported “Interfax” that the Russian helicopter that crashed in Svalbard, could carry the shift workers of the company “Arktikugol”. “The helicopter, in advance, with eight shift workers-Russians was wrecked in the territorial waters of Norway, near Svalbard,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, according to preliminary data, the helicopter could transport the employees of the company “Arktikugol”. “The fate of the crew unknown. Rescue deal for the Norwegian emergency services”, – said the source.

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