The atmosphere of hatred: journalism profession seriously ill

We all hope that Tatiana Felgenhauer went on the mend, I hope. And want to see justice done to the perpetrator (perpetrators?) in this vile crime were punished. But what happened in our journalistic community immediately after the tragedy, is special and most careful consideration.

The detention of the accused in the attack on Tatiana Felgenhauer. Photo: a frame from the video.

The atmosphere of hatred is already mA’am, hashtag. Invented or real? This psycho grits attacked the journalist of “echo of Moscow”, because he’s a sex-crazed maniac and heard voices? But what voices? Government channels, day in and day expose American mercenaries from “Echo”? Solovyov, Kiselyov, as they say or is it just a madman, an insane man with no visible political signs, which place exclusively in the yellow house?

Something wrong is happening in the journalistic Kingdom, the community, his connection with his Majesty the people. And whether there is the community? And is it, people?

First, on the Federal TV with the fun talking about the fifth column, the traitors, the heroes of the Maidan, shouting: “Death to these traitors!”, then, responsive to the “voices” people of the Chechen special squad kills the walls of the Kremlin Boris Nemtsov.

First, the state propaganda of events in another country makes Ukraine a fascist coup, and then trusting to the “votes” citizens quickly gather belongings, go to war and die there, not having received from the native state even in the grave.

The opposite camp, children of the Internet, not too long to wait. Under the Lugansk killed journalists VGTRK — as they should be! Died suddenly in new York extraordinary Ambassador Vitaly Churkin and the road to it. Breaks the plane with the generals, artists, journalists and Elizabeth Glinka flying to Syria — not a drop of sympathy, only dirt in the address of Dr. Lisa.

OKS, gentlemen! You all are just as mad as this poor Boris grits, only posing as journalists. I want to scream “Break!”, dilute the corners and each give a little shove. The atmosphere of hatred, here it is.

The journalistic profession is seriously ill, promoters from all over just already got. Ukraine gave us here, in Russia, the hybrid civil war on the nerves and the conductors of it were the journalists.

Of course, to blame the authorities, there are no questions. But in itself it is necessary though sometimes to look, no? Some serve, you serve, other emotsioniruyut, do not hold back anything, and people are going to vote, that’s all swallow a spoonful. Unstable people, suggestible people. But if the doctor (journalism), he needs intensive treatment, what about the patient?

In any case, it is not going to be a cat Leopold, “I, brother, one of these”, he in the information war. But “this train is on fire and we have nowhere else to press… Time to go home.” Not whether journalists on both sides of us painted the fence to make at least one step back? And, maybe, to declare “water” truce. Or even a Charter, as in the shows of consequences of acts of terrorism — what can and what can not. Otherwise, “real violent” viewers, readers and listeners will have so many that the very real civil war engulf the country. Although, I understand, some “paperwork” can not eat, how to talk, write, show always decides for himself a journalist, even if he works in the high service. Only himself.

Enough with the hate!

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