“The Brazilian Parliament voted against the investigation against the President

– The lower house of the Brazilian Parliament on Wednesday voted against investigation against President Michel Temer, who is suspected of organizing a criminal group and obstruction of justice, according to news Agency Associated Press.

For the withdrawal of the charges voted 251 MP when the required minimum of 171 people. Against were 233 members of Parliament.

If Temer was found guilty, he would be removed from the country for six months, pending consideration of the case.

National Congress for the second time expressed support for the President. In August, he refused to authorize the investigation against Temer on charges of corruption. In September, the attorney General of Brazil filed against the head of the country’s new allegations of corruption have added obstruction of justice and organization of criminal groups. However, the MPs found them to be unfounded.

According to opinion polls, the activities of Temer President supports 3% of Brazilians.

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