“The Central Bank said about the risk of increasing “hole” in the Bank “Ugra” to 135 billion rubles.

Earlier, the “hole” in the capital on 8 September was estimated at 86 billion rubles.

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Moscow. 26 Oct. INTERFAX – the Interim administration is continuing to assess the assets and liabilities have lost the license of the Bank “Ugra”, the amount of discrepancy between these indices (a”hole” in the capital) can grow up to 135 billion rubles. This assessment is given in the letter from the first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Dmitry tulina, which was sent to the state Duma in early October, reported “Interfax” familiar with the text of the document source.

Earlier it was reported that the “hole” in the capital on July 28, 2017 was estimated to be 2.04 billion, on 8 September 86,09 billion. The collapse of the “Ugra” became the largest insured event in the history of Russia payments to depositors of about 173 billion rubles.

Central Bank have repeatedly noted that the business model of “Ugra” was based on the funding of projects, mainly related to beneficiaries. The loans granted to such companies has not matched the scale of their activities. The funding for these projects was carried out by aggressively attracting funds of individuals, stressed the regulator. The credit institution itself did not create loan loss provisions adequately reflecting the risks taken.
The Bank of Russia has repeatedly used against “Yugra” measures of Supervisory response, including three times imposed restrictions on attraction of deposits of physical persons. In addition, only in 2017, the Central Bank has issued four regulations about the additional formation of reserves for a total amount of 62 billion rubles, the source said, citing a letter to Dmitry Tulin.

Despite this, the Bank continued to significantly increase funds of individuals, including avoiding the requirements of the Central Bank, giving investors the shares of a credit organization.
The Bank of Russia in the course of remote supervision and inspections have revealed numerous violations of Bank regulatory requirements on the assessment of credit risk, as well as the presence of “Ugra” – “serious problems with asset quality and capital,” he added.

The Bank of Russia from July 10 introduced a temporary administration in the face of ASV in the Bank “Ugra” . The Prosecutor General’s office on 19 July appealed the decision of the Central Bank, which, in addition to the interim administration imposed a moratorium on satisfaction of requirements of creditors (that is insured).
The license of the “Ugra”, the Central Bank revoked since July 28.

The Bank “Ugra”, the main owner of which is businessman Alexei Khotin, on the end of the first quarter of 2017 took the 33rd place in terms of assets and 12th place by the volume of funds of natural persons in the ranking “Interfax-100”.

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