The consequence checks the version of a planned assault on Felgenhauer

The investigation in connection with the attack on the Deputy chief editor of radio station “Echo of Moscow” Tatiana Felgengauer considers two main versions, spoke representing the interests of the lawyer “Open Russia” Sergey adamsin. First assume that burst into the editor Boris grits mentally unstable. The second version – the “event planned using human prepared for murder,” quotes “Interfax” comment Badamshina.

The Network was found a diary of grits, in which he wrote, including about Felgenhauer, accusing it of sexual harassment on the telepathic level.

A relative of a detainee in an interview with “MK” was told that describing their condition, grits “was carrying some kind of heresy”. He argued that although others do not believe in telepathy, but he grits as a physicist knows about the existence of such things.

Felgenhauer hit in the throat with a knife, the man said that he had no intent to kill. The journalist now feels relatively well, but the injury is very serious.

At trial, Boris grits acted intelligently and did not seem crazy to others. Suspect that he feigned madness.

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Images from court: attacked journalist Felgenhauer looks insane

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