The details of the emergency on the quest: victims exceeded the limit of participants

Shooting a reality show in which rap artists compete for the ultimate prize — a record deal with singer Veronica, Vero, nearly ended in tragedy. The young men were horror-quest in the South of Moscow, and his adventures were recorded on video. But at one point something went wrong: underneath failed floor — and the guys were injured.

photo: a frame from the video

As we found out “MK”, the incident happened on Wednesday at around 19.00 in one of the buildings on the 1st Varshavsky passage. By the way, in the online ratings of the quests it is this area, which area is about 600 square meters, occupies a very good position.

Nine people, most of them students, were horror quest. During a visit to another location — an abandoned house, in which, the scenario fun, young people had to hide from a two-meter monster the Slenderman, the guys under my feet fell through the floor. The whole group fell from three-meter height from the second to the first floor. Among young people has been the rising star of pop and arenbi styles singer Vero and videographer who were filming a reality show.

According to the participants, it happened unexpectedly. Before them appeared the actress in the costume of a little girl and screamed “save yourselves!”, putting on the building. All rushed inside the house to the second floor.

— We ran ahead of our Director-operator Bob. The first failed it, and for him and all of us. Some fell on top of him, we all were shocked. Our group was in some kind of sub shop, where they cut salads, baked khachapuri. We were once forbidden to shoot, and despite the fact that someone was unconscious, someone in the blood, we were driven out, — told the participants.

Almost all the fallen received various injuries, bruises, cuts, burns from glass. The three victims were hospitalized. Two of them are already checked out, and 25-year-old operator even needed surgery. Basil got it the worst: in his right hand he was holding the camera and save her, he landed on the left side, while receiving an open fracture of the elbow joint of the left hand.

As told to militiamen the head of the organization, he was aware that in the place where there was a collapse, a maintenance hole. It was covered with special upholstery plate, which quietly endured 4 people. And at the stage of negotiations it was ostensibly about the four participants. But in the end the participants came nine.


The incident was commented by the President of SCIENCES (national Association of participants of quest industry) Anna CHERKASOVA.

— I believe that issues can occur not only to the organizers of the site, but also to landlords who provided this structure. Actually, based on practice, the quests for such scenarios involve two to four people, and only a rare exception for an extra charge and only at sites provided for this number of people, allowed six participants.

Watch the video on:
“Participants in the horror quest was injured during the test”


Watch the video on:
“Participants in the horror quest was injured during test 2”


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